Bad Dream

I had the worst dream ever.

We were on a beach (mom, dad, my brother, and I). The moon was setting, though the sun was not rising. So then the moon set and then bounced back up. Weird right? It gets worse.

We went to a house -for some reason I cannot recall- and there were three thugs sitting in a small room with only two doors and very scary equipment. Kind of like a wood shop. Anyways at first they were intimidating but not threatening. Then they were mean... very mean. One thug reminded me of the Devil from “the Stand” by Steven King and that's why he was the scariest.

I ended up in the room alone with them, and somehow alone with one in particular. He was horrid... He tried to hurt rape... (but when I relayed this dream to my parents I didn't mention this) So I left the room and thats when all hell broke loose.

For some reason, two of the thugs disappeared and the one left- the devil, as I now nicknamed him-was chained to the wall (If you're wondering why, you'll find out in a second).

Basically, we were hungry in this dream, so my dad wanted to go get pizza and being nice asked if the thug wanted some. The thug said something insulting and my dad tried to retaliate. Things got violent and suddenly the thug cut my dad's head off and burned his neck with a branding iron. The burn was a swirl, like from Naruto, as you may have guessed, I don't know why,

After that I was a tiny bit hazy and didn't see much until I suddenly saw my dad alive, with swirls in his eyes, only he wasn't. He was a ghost.

Anyways then my cousins Erik and Emma and a boy were trapped in a room with apparently little to no air so I let them out. The boys insensitive dad made them play outside so I followed to protect them, from what I knew was coming. But the boy ran off, fell and broke his neck. Even though I was shocked and scared, I somehow guessed it would happen. So I took Erik and Emma inside again, without telling the boy's dad what happened.

I let the kids go play for some reason and sure enough two minutes later, a neighbor -a little girl named Riley- came into the living room shouting “They're dead! They're dead!”. I'm sure you can guess who...Of course I knew who she was talking about, but for some reason in my dream I moved on.

Due to the lack of pizza, the boy's father decided to feed us hamburgers- You can guess whats coming, but not what happens I'm sure. Having gone outside, the boy's father started the BBQ and ended up getting grease in his eye. It burned right through and killed him. Don't ask me how, I don't know.

I don't remember if anyone else died before I woke up. But I've had this dream before, only this time I had new people, and it was definitely more vivid.

I will not say why or how I came to have this dream, I don't know. But I do know I should document it to make sure I don't have it again. Maybe.

Anyways, I relayed the story to my parents, and despite their laughter, I know they did see something was bothering me. I'm sure the idea that I dreamed about death scares them, even if a lot of people have similar dreams. I know my mom would say I shouldn't write this, but I think it should be documented as the worst dream ever.

The End

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