Just My Luck

It's a girly, romance story, that's probably predictable but who cares :P

"Just My Luck!" I shouted as I slammed the door to the 300 horse power Volvo XC60 hire car and kicked it's large, heavy tire. "This just doesn't happen to me!" I don't know who I was talking to but I needed to get out my fustration. You might just think that I had broken down and I could call my Mom and everything would be fine but no.

I had broken down on a deserted road in the middle of nowhere, in a foreign country while I was on my way to Heathrow Airport to fly back to California. I had been with my dad the many times we had driven this way, yet now I couldn't remember were I was, just the direction to go in. Looking under the hood, I concluded what I already knew, that I didn't know what was wrong with the car or how to fix it, I just had to check for mental reasons. To know that I had done everything that I could have possibly done to get me on my way home.

I guessed now that I no choice but to walk the way I was supposed to be going and hope another car came along soon. I grabbed my windbreaker and messenger bag, sheilded myself against the strong winds blowing towards me, and began the longest and unluckiest walk of my life.

I hadn't gotten very far when the heavens opened and rain pelted down on me. I groaned, "Just my Luck!"

The End

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