During my school years, I had so many crushes. It was ridiculous :P. And I was so convinced that they liked me too. Oh, I was so young and stupid. I started having crushes in the second grade. I sat across from this kid Austin in my class. I would sit there and stare at him. I thought he was so cute. During recess I would drag my friends to play near where the boys were playing football, because I knew he was playing. I would do crazy things and be loud but I would try to not look at him, because I just wanted him to notice me. Well, it was obvious that I liked him, so he figured it out. We were in class doing our cursive writing and he looked at me and he said "You like me, don't you, Jennifer?" I just looked at him and I said "Uh, no!" He just smiled. Next to me, another kid named Steven clenched his pencil in his hand as hard as he could. You see, Steven was to me what I was to Austin: that weird kid that had a crush. Even though I didn't find Steven weird. He was my first guy friend. So while we were learning new spelling words, Steven and I would giggle at the funny ones, like island. When the teacher said island while writing it on the chalkboard, Steven and I looked at each other and we had to cover our mouths to keep from laughing. He then leaned over and whispered "is-land" in my ear. So that's just an example of our friendship. But I could always tell that he liked me. I just could. He would do crazy things on the playground and sometimes during music class, we had to do things that required holding hands. I always wanted to hold Austin's hand, and Steven always somehow got to where he would hold my hand. I would be disappointed, but I was glad it was him and not the gross boys in my class. So that was second grade. I liked Austin clear up to 8th grade. But Steven liked me for that long as well. After the second grade, I was always in a class with Austin and Steven, yet I never got to sit next to Austin again. But somehow Steven would always end up next to me. I was always just very happy that I had a friend in my class. During the 7th and 8th grade, I continued to like Austin, but I also started to like a boy named Nathan. And another boy named Cole. And another boy named Brett. Oh, I was a serial crusher. Nathan and Brett moved away, so I got over them fairly quickly. I got over Cole during my sophomore year, and during my junior year he and I became best friends. During my freshman year, I realized that Austin was kind of a douche bag and he wasn't worth my time. So basically I was just focused on school and not boys. Well my sophomore year a boy named Timmy just swept me off my feet. I liked him even more than I ever liked Austin. But with Timmy, I had nerve. So I walked up to him one day and just asked him out. He said no, and surprisingly I wasn't upset. I was so proud that I had the nerve to do that. Word got around that I asked him out, and people started to make fun of me but I refused to regret my decision. During the rest of high school, I only had a thing for Timmy. He and I actually became friends and talked a lot. During my senior prom, I so badly wanted to dance with him. When the DJ announced the last song, Timmy said "Ok, what girl wants to dance with me?" I opened my mouth to say "I do!" and another girl came up and snatched him up. I was so mad. I went and danced with my friends then. When that song was over, the DJ said "Well, we have time for one more!" So Timmy said it again and I said "I will, Timmy." And he looked at me and smiled and held his arms out as "Someone Like You" by Adele started playing. I wrapped my arms around his neck and we just started talking. It was the most wonderful feeling. Then a kid named Jeremy came up and started talking to Timmy, I unwrapped my arms and walked away so they could have their conversation. Timmy then said "Jennifer! Come back! We aren't done yet!" I turned around and he smiled at me and opened his arms again. So we finished the song and prom was over. My friends and I walked outside to my car and Timmy was out there. I started talking to him again and I was getting ready to leave and I was feeling brave so I said "Timmy! I want a hug" and he hugged me! I was so excited. My friend Amy knew how I felt about him and she was with me when we hugged and when we got back to my car she just smiled and looked at me and was like "Jennifer I'm so proud of you!" That was by far the best night ever for me. But since I have graduated, I don't really have crushes. I've talked to a few guys, but none of them have worked out. So yeah, forever alone hahaha.

The End

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