Just making sure

It wasn't going to happen again. She told herself shaking her head trying to rid herself of her thoughts and trying unsucessfully not to look at him.

She hated when she fancied someone. Well she hated the fact she seemed to turn into a obessive stalker when she fell for a guy. 

She'd learnt a lesson from her last boyfriend (which had lasted longer than she thought would). With Sam she was almost Psycho she constanly texted him, rang him freqently and several times the call was on private just to see if he was ingnoring her. She was scary jealous of any woman or girl of the female population that either smiled, waved or even talked to him.

After the relationship ended (his doing not a big surprise) she almost booked herself into the hospital with a mental illness after realising how stupid and incredible embarrassing she had acted with Sam. And here she was again. 

She loathed the fact she was falling for Colin but she could not seem to stop herself.

He was plain and ordinary looking but to her he stood out as the best looking in her year. He wasn't like the other boys who acted all hardy but he was a messer who on several occasions was given detention for messing in class. Now he wasn't the big bad boy all parents would hate. In fact he was quite the opposite except for his regular occasions of misbehaving in class. He had good grade and was polite and friendly. All the things Danielle liked in a boy.

As she looked dreamingly accross the social area at him she was not quick enough to avert her gaze and was locked within a stare with him. She wanted to break the starring competion but seemed hypnotized by his dark chocolate brown eyes.

After several seconds he broke the gaze and she turned quickly away feeling her face going tomatoe red out of embarrsassment. Her friend Shannon asked her to go for a walk outside and she quickly excepted not wanting to see Colin feeling unterrly ashamed.

After all of lunch beating herself up about being caught looking at him and Shannon reasuring her everything will be grand. She still didn't feel ok. She got her bag and made her way to class. She took out her time plan to see what class she had. Oh no! Maths! She didn't hate maths it was just Colin was in her maths class.

She sat down took out her books and stared at them insted of looking around the classroom like usual. She was afraid she catch Colin's eye. After several minutes of day dreaming if Colin was looking at her or not (he sat behind her and she was terrified to look around and check) she felt a tap on her back. She turned around and Ciara handed her a piece of paper.

Well. Would like to go cinema or something this weekend? Give me a text if you do. Number is 0851456612. COLIN

She couldn't believe it Colin had asked her out. Ahhh was all that was hapening inside her head. She had no time to talk to him after class as he was kept back for throwing paper. 

When she got home all she did was re-read and re-read the note again and again. After about several hours of chickening out of texting him. She finally did.

Hey Danielle ere. Would love go cinema at weekend! x

She waited and waited but no reply. She didnt want to be to desperate but she text him again just to be sure. She waited dbut still no reply. She rang him on private number then.

She wasn't turning intp her Psycho self.

She was just making sure he had got her message.

Yeah that's not being desperate or obessive at all............

The End

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