The prince of hellMature

I blinked against the stinging light through the curtains in my apartment, and my hard mattress felt like a rock beneath my beaten body. I moaned and turned… wait a minute. My eyes were as wide as I stared at my ceiling. How in the forests secrets did I get back to my apartment? I tried to speak, but my throat was so dry that only a rasped sound came from me. My ribs, my back, my feet, my neck and my head throbbed as if my heart had split into several pieces and now beat in all of my pained limbs.

Slowly I sat up in my bed, looking down at my long dryad fingers. Of course I was still in my original frame. It looked strange with the bloodied dress. I swung my long legs over the edge and stepped onto the cold floor. My ankle felt strained, and I tried to put my weight over on the other foot.

The apartment was silent, apart from my dragging footsteps.

How could it be I was still here, safe and sound?

The door creaked as I pushed it open. There he was; my saving angel, my protector. He had inhabited the couch, half sitting, half lying, with one of his arms still in his coat, and only one shoe. His hair was ruffled, as if he had just come back from a flight, and his white shirt had several of its buttons ripped off. I walked over to him, and knelt by the couch, my sensitive ears picking up the powerful beats of his demon heart.

He looked so much younger like this. The worried crease between his eyebrows was smoothed out, and his tense lips relaxed in a smooth line. I had never thought he could look even more handsome, but now he did. I smiled, and lightly lifted a bang of chestnut hair out of his forehead.

His eyes snapped open and his fingers like steel around my wrist. I tried drawing back from his hostility, but relaxed when he let go of me as quickly as he had awoken.

“I’m sorry.” He murmured and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes.

“Are you alright?” He asked and sat up right in the couch. I nodded, but a flash of pain passed over my features when my head throbbed painfully. He raised an eyebrow at me.

“Really?” He gave me a half smile and patted the spot beside him on the sofa. “Let me see.”

I sat down, and turned my face away from him so he could take a look at the cut at the back of my head. He gently pushed some of my hair away, and went silent for a few seconds.

“It’s not deep, and your skull is intact. Few dryads would be that lucky meeting the goddess of war.” He said silently. I turned controlled towards him again, trying my best not to make any rash motions.

“What happened?” He looked away.

“I was late…” He muttered, looking angry again, but this time I knew he was angry with himself.

“I couldn’t help that boy, and I couldn’t save you until it was almost too late.” He snarled and rose. Pacing the room while flinging his coat into a corner and kicking off the only remaining shoe. It was little to do with his damaged shirt.

“It’s alright, Chester is alright, I’m alright.” I said, trying to comfort him. He froze and turned towards me. His eyes were in conflict between looking relieved and frustrated. I rose slowly and came towards him.

“Can’t you just be angry with me? I was late, I should never have been late!” He bellowed and turned away from me, facing the wall. I sighed and curled my long fingers to fists.

“Moron!” I screamed at the top of my longs. Caspian spun around, his eyes wide with surprise and shock, his mouth forming an elegant o. My chest heaved after air, and my head was throbbing like a construction site. My large dryad eyes glared daggers and arrows at him.

“You were just in time. You have been just in time every damn time, you stupid diabolo. So don’t you go beating yourself up about this.” I ordered. Caspian stood like a statue for some time, before he finally seemed to snap out of it, smiling that half smile that never reached his eyes.

“For a dryad, you have some serious guts in you, I’ll give you that.” I stared at him, before my mind started processing what he had just said, and how I went from having guts, to thinking about the battle, to the emperor of the naiads, to Cornelia, wasn’t all that strange.

“What happened to Fish sticks?” I asked worried. He looked confused.

“Oh yeah, the naiad. She’s fine. Ran away through the sewers I believe, all she left was a pool of water.” He replied and disappeared into the kitchen. I didn’t follow him, my body wouldn’t allow me, and so I sat down again instead. Nursing my bruises by summoning the slight energy I had left, and restored my human disguise. This way I hid some of the worst bruising, but my head was still painful.

A few minutes later Caspian came back with a tray of different kinds of food, and a bottle of pure water. He placed it in front of me and told me to dig in. I didn’t dither, and stuffed the fruits and vegetables into my mouth and chewing for dear life, flushed it down with delightfully cold water. The energy rose inside my chest and I could almost feel the healing of my head wound quicken.

After a few minutes of gorging, I leant back against the soft pillows, feeling drowsy and stuffed, like a drugged teddy bear.

“So…” I looked up at him, his silhouette as strong as that of a Viking god. “How exactly did you save me?”

“Is that really important?” He asked, and when I nodded he sighed, “okay, so be it.”

And so he told me how he had changed into his diabolo form so he could guard me, and how he had rested on top of the Sanders house while we had been inside playing games. I felt bad about that, but didn’t interrupt him. He had never spoken so much in one go, and I didn’t want to spoil the moment. Next he had obviously heard Chester screaming, and had flown to the alley where he ambushed Enyo while torturing the poor soul, and he had chased her off. Afterwards he had brought a disillusioned Chester to the door of the Sanders house and rung the doorbell, before he had picked up the chase on Enyo. Soon he had lost track of her, and an angered look passed over his features when he spoke of his defeat. I looked down at my hands to give him a sparse sense of privacy, before he went on with his narration.

“It wasn’t until I felt your pain I realized Enyo must have gone back to the same alleyway, where she cornered you and Cornelia, but then she had already flown off on her Avion, with you. I attacked her just outside of Boston, and again managed to chase her off. Next I brought you back here, and obviously fell asleep on the couch.” He finished. I stared at him.

“You… felt my pain?” I asked confused. His eyes snapped up to meet mine, and I could see horror in them, as if he had just revealed his greatest secret.

“I heard your pain, was what I meant.” He said hastily.

“No… you said felt. You felt my pain…” I said slowly, my mind processing what that had to mean.

“Did you lie to me? When I asked you if you received something more when I gave you my energy, you said no. Was that a lie?” I demanded. He rose abruptly, his back turned against me. His broad muscular shoulders were tense and his fingers curled into fists.

“Caspian, can you, or can you not feel everything I feel?” I asked sternly, rising as well, even though the room swung dangerously from side to side. It was as if cold water trickled down my neck, under my dress and all the way down my back. If a diabolo knew what I felt at every hour of the day, I could be in serious trouble, no matter how well he might mean it. Even though I saw the practicality with this kind of connection, I could also see the drawbacks. How could I ever live a normal life if he knew what I felt all the time? How could he live a normal life? Perhaps normality was just too much to hope for, being a dryad in a human world with the demon King after me? I guess so.

“Yes, I can.” He said at last, turning towards me. I drew a sharp breath, even though I had already anticipated as much, but hearing it from him gave the truth a whole different dimension. It was true, he could feel me, every last part of me. If I hurt my toe, he could feel it.

“Was that your intention?” I asked. His eyes showed every emotion his face didn’t, and he was torturing himself over his choices, I knew the answer instantly.

“You played me. Tricking me into believing you needed my energy, but in truth you just wanted to… why? Why was this connection so important?” My voice shivered now.

“You’re wanted by Lucifer the demon king, Elizabeth, why do you think it was important? Heavens, you can be so daft sometimes. I did this to protect you, so I could be on time. You are more important than I first anticipated. Lucifer wants you alive, and I want to know why.” He snapped back. I wavered, not knowing what to think.

“Then why didn’t you just say so?”

“Would you agree?”

“Well… perhaps, if you explained it to me,” I replied and shuffled my feet at the carpet, unwilling to meet his stern gaze. He didn’t frighten me, not like he should have, but he ordered respect. I couldn’t quite comprehend how powerful he must be, if the demon king worked so hard to kill the diabolos after they rebelled against him. The diabolo must have been a fearsome species in their full glory. And I didn’t know the full extent of his powers yet, I hadn’t even seen him as a full diabolo.

“You should go take a shower and change, that dress is ruined… sadly.” He muttered the last word and walked into the kitchen again, while I looked down myself and decided he was right. It didn’t escape me how homey he seemed in my apartment though; it gave me a strange kind of completion, no matter how distant and cold he could seem sometimes.


As the warm water hammered down on my fragile, human body, I leant back against the cold tiles in the shower. Several different thoughts and emotions rushed through me at once; frustration, anger, fear, confusion, would I survive this, would I be able to go back to the Valley, would I ever see my sisters again, why did Lucifer want me alive, and why did Caspian protect me? Nothing made sense, not even my date with Darin, or my friendship with June and especially not Cornelia. It was like being wiped clean of all experience and start all over again. I was like a wing clipped fly in a spiders’ web, caught up in danger without the option to go anywhere, even if I got loose, I wouldn’t be able to fly home.

A shaky sigh escaped me, and I slid down to the floor of the shower, not knowing what to do with myself. It felt like everything was crumbling into nothing, and the trauma of last night finally caught up with me. My chest pained me as a silent cry clawed itself up my throat. A pathetic sob followed suit, and soon tears streamed like a waterfall down my cheeks, blending with the water from the shower. My dark hair tangled into the water like oil, like seaweeds. I hugged myself, clawing at my ribs, it hurt so terribly.

Suddenly, a white towel was wrapped around me, and I was lifted out of the shower, and down on the tiled floor in my bathroom. Caspian hugged me to his chest, with his arms protectively around my shoulders and stomach.

Another retched scream tore at my vocal chords as my stomach clenched, and Caspians’ grip on me tightened.

“Shh, it’s alright. Everything will be alright.” His voice whispered in my ear, and my muscles relaxed a little.

“It’s no shame in crying.” He murmured silently, and stroked my wet hair out of my face, petting my head soothingly. I cried, for a long time. And he was right there with me, soothing me, telling me it was alright, that he understood. And when my panic attack finally passed, I realized that he was perhaps the one person in the whole world that actually understood, because he had felt exactly what I had been feeling.

We sat in silence on the floor, his back against the bath tub, and my back against his chest. It wasn’t… awkward, which surprised me.

“How long has it been?” He asked suddenly, and I could feel the rumbling of his voice in my back. It was an oddly comforting sensation.

“Since what?” I asked. His arms still held me close, and I didn’t want him to release me just yet. That would feel like being a boat, untied from a harbor during a storm. Caspian was my safe harbor, my safety line.

“Since you cried.” He said and shifted slightly. I looked over my shoulder, meeting his half closed and drowsy eyes.

“Oh, I don’t think I ever have.” I answered, searching my memories from the Valley.

“That explains the pain then.”He said and half smiled. “It felt like my chest was being torn open.” I was surprised, he could feel the exact places where I hurt as well?

“If I was hurt, and you got hurt as well, would your pain be doubled?” I asked, feeling a little silly. He seemed thoughtful.

“I guess.” He closed his eyes and drew a deep breath; his chest rose slowly, and sunk together again. “I can live with pain…” He added silently and opened his eyes, giving me a cryptic stare. My body felt numb after crying so much.

“Thank you for… being here, with me.” I said. He smiled and nodded.

“I’m hungry. Let’s take the risk of going to that down town pizzeria.” He said suddenly, releasing me. I was alright now, and my heart and shoulders seemed so much lighter than before. I gripped the towel tighter around my body, and ran to my room to get dressed. I hastily slipped into my dark blue dress I had bought for my “pretend” date with Darin, and my ballerinas. When I got back to the living room, Caspian came in my entrance door, dressed in a black t-shirt and a black blazer over dark jeans.

“Where’d you get the clothes?” I asked astounded. He grinned.

“A shop just a block away. I figured I had time, seeing as you are a woman after all.” He chuckled at my offended face. Something had loosened in him, he wasn’t so uptight anymore. I decided not to ask him about it, considering he might shut down if I reminded him he had lost his though guy act. I knew for certain he didn’t need to act like a though guy, he just was.

We walked through the park, without any shadow tailing us, and I could truly savor the beauty of the sleeping nature in winter. We never saw that in the Valley, because we didn’t have winter there. I stuck my nose into the air and breathed in the scents of forests, mixed with the exhaust and vague stench of boos that lingered amongst the park benches.

“You really miss the Valley, don’t you, even though the elders deceived you?” Caspian asked. I nodded and smiled.

“The Valley itself never betrayed me, only the inhabitants did. My tree would still love me if I ever got back.” He nodded, stuffing his hands in his pockets, staring ahead, but I could feel his senses reaching out around him, wider and more powerful than I had ever searched.

“How powerful are you, compared to… let’s say, Lucifer?” I asked. He glanced sideways at me, grinning slightly, but fighting hard to contain his cool.

“Oh, I wouldn’t know. Not as powerful as he, but I would have a quite fair match against his son, I think.” He replied thoughtfully. Belial, was Lucifers’ son, and was to be king when Lucifer decided to give it up, which wouldn’t happen anytime soon. I had several memories of him from my great grandmother, in the ancient wars, before the war with the naiads began.

“Impressive.” I commented and grinned at him. He actually smiled, shoving his chin out at me.

“Yeah, I am quite remarkable after all.” He said, chuckling. It was a lovely sound, when he chuckled, and I could feel tenderness spread out from my stomach.

“Sure you are.” I said sarcastically. His eyes widened in surprise, before they narrowed playfully.

“You don’t think so? Do you want me to show you just how impressive I can be?” To my own surprise, I giggled and started running, as if this was some dryadian mating game. I didn’t stop though, as I could hear him running just a few steps behind me. His powerful legs pushed him forwards. Like an antelope in front of a cheetah I sprinted for dear life, even though it was just a game, and laughter bubbled up my throat. I ran towards the end of the park, loving the feeling of the wind in my long hair again.

“Elizabeth!” Caspian suddenly shouted and I skidded to a halt, turning around. Caspian was beside me in an instant, pushing me behind him. His shoulders were tense again. I stood as still as I could, so he could search the area around us with his senses, without my interference. Nothing moved, not even the leafs on the ground.

“They’re gone.” He whispered, and turned towards me. “Enyo reigns over the avions it seems, and she has sent out spies to find you.”

“So she won’t give up even though she knows a diabolo is protecting me?” I asked confused.

“Of course not, she’s the goddess of war. No obstacle is too big to defeat in her eyes. She would take on Lucifer himself if she wanted to.” He looked up to the sky and took my hand. I didn’t protest at this kind of intimacy in public, as if he owned me, because I knew he only wanted to keep me as close as he could. And it made me feel a lot safer.

He led me out of the park, and across the road. The pizzeria was only half full, despite it being a Saturday. We sat down by a quite private table in one of the farthest corners, with him facing the entrance, and me with my back against the guests. A waitress danced over to us with a menu and asked us if we wanted anything to drink. Caspian chose a large coke, and I asked for water. When the waitress left, after writing down our drinks, I leant forwards.

“The human food doesn’t bother you?” I asked.

“No, not at all. The more sugar and calories, the better.” He replied and patted his muscular stomach with a pleased look.

“And I won’t gain a single pound, not with my insane metabolism.” He added, grinning. Okay, so he was acting slightly out of character, or perhaps this was his true character, but I couldn’t hold back anymore.

“Why are you acting so differently now? You’ve been so mean and rude to me earlier, but now you’re… nice, and funny. You’re smiling!” I added dramatically, flinging my hands up in the air, gaining a lot of odd looks in return. Caspian watched me with amusement, making me feel like a dork for even asking. I fingered with the red plaid napkin on the table, staring ineptly at the candle light that had flickered restless when I spoke.

“I figured it didn’t matter anymore, me keeping my distance to you.” He said finally.

“Distance? Why?”

“It’s…” The bell above the entrance door rang in the background, but my eyes were fixated upon Caspian, and I barely even noticed. Caspian did though, and just like that, his face shut down, his eyes averting mine. “We’ve got company.”

I turned to see what he was talking about. A bruised Chester with a braced hand, a motherly June, helping the poor child inside the restaurant, was the first thing I noticed. Next followed Darin and Andrè, who seemed terribly uncomfortable being in the same room as the obsessive looking June, and the exaggerating Chester, who moaned in pain at every chance he got.

When Darin saw me, he lit up, but once he saw Caspian, his face darkened considerably. I felt an oncoming storm, one I feared I would be right in the middle of. June noticed Caspian and I as well and actually left Chesters’ side to zigzag her way between tables and guests, to give me a good, long hug.

“I was so afraid something had gotten you as well. It’s so good to see you unharmed. Oh, hello Caspian…” She glanced past me, and then back at me again. “Soo, what are you kids up to?” She asked, wriggling her eyebrows up and down.

“Eating; Caspian was starved.” I replied. Caspian nodded to underline my point.

“Ah, I see. Well, you could sit with us?” June said giddily, giving me a strange, but implying look. I could only guess it had something to do with Chester, and I felt instantly bad for André.

“Sure.” Caspian answered before I could open my mouth. I smiled at him, wondering if his change in attitude also meant he would get to know my friends.

We joined two tables, so that all six of us could fit around it. The waitress brought Caspian and my drink to our new table, and then took orders from the rest. They knew what they were having already, and the waitress seemed to know them from before as well, so I suspected they went here a lot to eat. It was a cozy place though, so I didn’t blame them. The pizzeria didn’t have more than twenty tables in a small space. The walls were painted in a warm, brown color save for one wall that was burning orange. The decoration was simple, but fitting, with only a few larger paintings of spectacular mountains and lakes. The owners were true Italians, and the pizza was from the original recipe, as Darin had told me the first time I had joined June and her brothers’ band here.

I sat just beside Caspian, with June at my other side. I could smell him, and feel his warmth vibrating from him, and I drew a deep breath so I could capture his scent. It was the scent of safety. I saw a smile tug at the corners of his lips, and realized he must have felt my heart quicken its pace and the warmth in my stomach. I drowned all my feelings, and closed out his smell. I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of knowing how he was affecting the female in me.

“So, how are you feeling, Chester?” I asked the bruised vocalist of the Apocalyptic Sheep. He smiled a strained smile.

“I’m fine, I’ve lived through worse.” He replied roughly.

“No you haven’t, you douche.” Darin snapped, gaining a stern gaze from June.

“Well, he hasn’t.” He shot at her.

“There’s no need to be rude.” She snapped back, looking like she wanted to bite Darins’ head off. André rolled his eyes. He was sitting at the end of the table beside Caspian and looked at me.

“It’s been like this all day. Chester bitches and moans worse than ever, Darin gets irritated with him and insults him, and June…” He paused, wondering if he wanted to offend the younger girl, but he just shrugged, “… she’s acting like Chester’s her poor, mocked child.”

“Ouch, that hurts damnit!” Chester suddenly exploded as Darin accidentally bumped into him while getting out of his jacket.

“Suck it up you whiny bitch.” Darin growled at him. Chester narrowed his eyes angrily.

“You did that on purpose!” June exclaimed and pointed an accusing finger at Darin.

“Suuuure I did, because I’m just that masochistic.” Darin snarled.

“Yeah, you are. You just can’t stand not being the centre of attention.” She threw back at him. Darin laughed a hard and barking laugh. It sounded almost like a madman, and I wondered how far out on the edge June intended on pushing him. He was obviously not far away from snapping completely.

“When the fuck was I the centre of attention you dumb…” I rose abruptly, cutting him off before he could say anything he would regret later. His golden eyes looked confused up at me. I glared at the three of them.

“Cut it out, all of you. June, you stop being so protective, because it’s bothersome and Chester can handle himself. Chester, you need to stop whining, because it’s obviously annoying all of us, and I doubt it hurts that much. Darin, you need to stop being so offensive, because it’s… disturbing.” I said harshly and pointed at each and one of them in turn, and then sat down, calmly taking a sip of my water. Silence lay like a blanket over the table for almost a minute, before the food arrived and everyone grabbed a slice of pizza each. June managed to refrain from helping Chester grab a piece, and he managed to not moan in pain as he did so. Darin seemed to be in bliss, because Chester was silent. I glanced at André who was grinning from ear to ear, obviously biting back a roar of laughter.

“So, we didn’t interrupt your date or anything?” André asked finally, to get his mind onto something else, biting back his laughter. I glanced at Caspian, before shaking my head.

“No, just getting something to eat.” I said. Darin looked at me over the edge of his large coke, calculating, as if he was trying to find out if I was telling the truth or not.

“So what have you guys been doing all day then?” He asked nosily. I smiled, thinking back at my day so far.

Awakening in my room after thinking I had been kidnapped by the goddess of war, finding out a diabolo could feel every last emotion I felt (at all times) and crying my heart out on the bathroom floor until I had no tears left… “Nothing interesting,” I said finally and sipped my water again.

“So, you got any response on your gig last night?” Caspian asked mildly interested. I had almost forgotten about the gig. So much had happened since then, and it seemed as if it had been weeks since we watched the guys play, when in truth it had been less than twenty-four hours ago.

“Well, a few people commented on our homepage, but nothing more. We’ll keep on playing gigs though.” André said. Darin nodded, and Chester tried to show some sign of acknowledgement.

“Why not tip some big shot reviewer next time, if he likes you, you’ll definitely get the attention you guys deserve.” Caspian noted. Darin looked surprised at him, his mouth hanging slightly open.

“That’s a great idea!” June said happily, flicking out her phone, and dialing a number, and held the phone to her ear.

“Who’re you calling?” Darin asked, but his sister held up her hand to silence him.

“Hello Freddy, yeah It’s June.” I could hear a male chattering away in the phone, and June held the phone a little away from her ear.

“I know. Yeah…” June sighed and rolled her eyes.

“That happened in first grade, he really should get over it.” June said tiredly, leaning her face in her palm, with her elbow resting on the table.

“I was wondering if you could sit with me and my friend at lunch Monday? I have a story that might interest you.” June implied, blinking at me.

“Yeah, that’s the one. Caspian might be joining us too.” She added, grinning even wider. All of us leant forwards to hear better now, trying to hear what the guy on the other end was saying, but all we could hear was wild chattering.

“I bet you will. I’ll see you then, okay?” June asked, looking quite self-satisfied.

“Yeah, bye-bye.” And she hung up, putting her phone back in her bag, then looking up at us.

“Freddy is the top journalist for our school paper, The Kaleidoscope. Everyone at school reads that paper, when it comes out once a month. It’ll be great publicity for you guys.” She said pleased. Darin stared at her.

“A bunch of high-schoolers?” He asked. André smiled and patted his friend’s arm.

“Relax Darin, we need to start somewhere. And there is no one crazier than high school girls. They might not come for the music, but all publicity is good publicity.” He said, and Darin seemed to agree. June nodded, grinning.

“Freddy…” Caspian murmured, before his eyes widened, “Fred Sandler? He’s a little…”

“Gay? Yeah, totally, that’s why he agreed once I said you would be there.” June looked like she was about to die of suppressed laughter, and I could really see why. Caspian’s face lost all of its color once he realized what she was implying.

“He’s had this giant crush on you ever since you started.” June said, losing control of her laughter, and she doubled over, shaking and gripping her stomach. Darin spluttered the coke he had just been drinking, and gave Caspian an apologizing look, just before he broke down laughing, together with André and me. Chester couldn’t laugh, because it obviously would hurt him. Caspian sat like a statue, for a long time, before his face cracked a little, and a bright smile shone through.

“Well, I can’t blame him.” He said, making a feminine hand motion, making all of us double over all over again. This time, even Chester couldn’t help but laugh.

Just across of the restaurant, in the park, stood two figures looking at the group laughing over something trivial. Cloaked in the shadows in between the large trees, they could talk uninterrupted. The taller one of them was dressed in dark jeans and a black hoodie, which he had drawn the hood of over his head, hiding his face in the dark. The other figure was a woman, dressed in medieval armor and a blood red cloak. Her face looked ashen in the moonlight, but her eyes glowed like those of a cat. She drew a hand over her short black hair, smoothing it down.

“Really? You couldn’t even manage a single dryad?” The male one asked. Enyo glared at him with her predator eyes.

“No one told me a diabolo guarded her.” She snapped back angrily. The hooded one looked at the warrior goddess, and a dangerous tension could be felt in the air.

“That’s because we weren’t aware of what he was, but I told you he was strong. You just can’t concentrate for one freaking second.” He said darkly. Enyo snorted.

“You told me the shadows was no match for him, that doesn’t mean he’s strong you idiot. Shadows are easily defeated, avions are easily defeated, but I am not easily defeated. Had you told he was almost as strong as the king, I would have been a lot more cautious.” Enyo snarled at him.

“You can be such a bitch Enyo, but I’ll give you one try before I send you right back to hell… where you can sit and brood in your cell again.” The hooded one warned. Enyo straightened up.

“You’re not the one giving orders here you dumb twit, I’m superior of you. Your word holds no meaning to me. Only the king and his princes can send me back to hell.” Enyo said defiantly, but suddenly cowered as if she was a whipped dog. Turning around, coming face to face with another hooded figure. The long dark cloak covered his entire body, making him look like a death himself.

“Your orders are clear Enyo, get to it.” The cloaked one said, pointing an armored hand at her. The female nodded and bowed.

“Of course, Prince Belial.” Enyo said and turned, walking away into the park, soon disappearing in the dark. The newly arrived man turned to the hooded male.

“My father wants you to finish this mission. His patience with you is running dry. And he wanted me to say that… you are highly disposable.” Belials’ raspy voice declared, and the hooded one nodded understanding.

“I am aware of it, but I need at least another week. Can’t he give me as much? The diabolo must recharge soon, I’ll have her then.” The subject said, his voice almost begging. Belial chuckled dangerously low, before pointing a ringed finger at the hooded ones’ chest.

“One week, and that’s it. If you fail…” Belial let the sentence die away, but the hooded one knew what failure entailed, and it was not comfortable. He swallowed loudly, before bowing.

“Yes, prince Belial.”

The End

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