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           First day at school, this should be interesting. I looked around when I came inside the monstrously large building. I knew (of course) that buildings of this size were no biggie in the human world, but as a proud ex-habitant of the Valley, I had seen very few buildings at all. The hallways were overcrowded by human children, younglings. I might be young in the Valley, but amongst these creatures with such a short lifespan, I might just have been an ancient. I snickered at my own obvious advantage over these younglings, which lasted only until I stumbled in my own shoes and fell face flat. My books spread across the hallway floor and the younglings stopped to look at my failure in amusement. My big entrance was ruined completely. I didn’t see myself becoming the leader of a human army anytime soon. Humans enjoyed watching other humans failures, it gave them a so-called ego-boost.

I pushed myself off the floor and rose to my full length, which was quite impressive, if I should say so myself. In the Valley, all the inhabitants reached (by human measurements, of course) well over 2.20 meters, but as I were not yet fully grown I reached barely 1.80 meters above ground. But, as I was saying, amongst these younglings, I must have been an impressive sight, reaching as high as the males. I could look down on the females, making them feel inferior to me, which they were, they just didn’t know it. And if I knew my luck correctly, they never would either. I sent a glowing blue stare at the young faces which still stared amused at me, and they scurried off. Huffing, I started to pick up my books and laid them back in the backpack, another uncomfortable device. I myself had never needed to carry books with me to school, well I never needed to go to school, as all the information I needed to know was inherited from my mother, and all new information securely saved in my DNA pattern, it’s foolproof. Silly humans don’t have that advantage, sadly enough. If someone remembers everything they see or hear here, they call them geniuses, and claim that the person has photographic memory. Next thing you know you’ve been run through a series of tests, only to be given a prognosis claiming you have an incurable mental illness, and your liability is damaged. Humans fear everyone superior to them. That is of course why my people have never walked in the human world, because of all our little traits, we would be far superior of the small and short lived human.

Ops, there I go on ranting in my head again, I’ve noticed that has happened even more frequently after I left the Valley. Must be the lack of intelligent conversations. And no, I am not going to have a sit-down with a physicist, they speak geek and I don’t understand geek. 

My long legs brought me to the office of the one in charge, the king of the school, or the principal as the humans call him. I knocked on the door, and a muffled voice authorized my entry.

I stepped inside a rather small office, where in the far end of the room, right in front of an open window, sat a round faced… well, there sat a single round man. I could tell he had been smoking and just before I walked in thrown the cigarette out the window. The smoke stained my lungs like grease on white silk, it never comes off. And speaking of grease, the principals’ hair wasn’t exactly free of that stuff either. I didn’t like this human.

He smiled broadly as I stood in front of his desk, looking like one of the male toads in the Valley during mating season, when they blow up their throat to impress the ladies. Well, he’s not impressing anyone, I thought to myself, and smiled widely right back at him.

“And who have we got here?” He asked hoarsely, I wouldn’t have suspected a smooth soprano anyway, with all that smoke. I wrinkled my nose, and then I realized he wasn’t asking a rhetorical question. He needed my name.

“I’m… “ I paused, I sure as hell wasn’t going to tell him my real name, and he sure as hell could never have pronounced it right anyway. That would get some serious complications for me. Complications I did not need at the moment. So I did as I always do, think fast, and came up with my brand new human name.

“I’m Eliza Braveheart, from Europe.” I said and smiled sweetly. The principal furrowed his broad, high forehead.

“I haven’t heard of any exchange student, especially no one with the name of Braveheart.” He said confused. I realized my mistake; I should have laid a better plan. Guess there’s no way around it then.

“Oh really? Are you sure, Mr. Principal? Haven’t you heard of the seventeen-year-old orphan girl from England in Europe who was adopted by Rita and Charles Braveheart, and was supposed to start today? Elizabeth Mary Braveheart, born 17. May 1992?” I asked him intently and placed my palms on his desk and stared him straight in the eye. Pushing my influence upon him like a boulder was getting way too easy. These young humans had such simple minds, and the code was far too easy to break. And once I was in their heads, I could change any information the Principal might have from before. I never did anything huge though, I was too young for that yet. This was child play, and I smiled sweetly once I released him from my influence.

The big, round man blinked stupidly before wiping his forehead free from sweat, and his grey, dull eyes focused on my face once again.

“Oh yes, Elizabeth Braveheart. Here is your schedule and room numbers. Here’s a list of your teachers, and phone numbers. If you’ll just sign here, you’re free to go to your first class.” The Principal said and gave me several sheets of paper. I nodded, thanked him, and left. This was so easy.


I (with not too much difficulty) found the classroom for my calculus class. I frowned, I hated mathematics, my species had never needed to know mathematics on such a complete level. We use mathematics all the time, but we have no need to write it down, because it just is, and we all know it.

I knocked on the door, and a teacher came to open. It was a short female, with round glasses and hair like fire. She was dressed in a screaming pink pants suit, and her smile invited me in.

“I’m Eliza Braveheart, the exchange student.” I said silently to her. She looked confused at first, before she smiled and nodded when she saw my papers.

“Of course, I am Ruth Jonesen.” She turned to the class. Me; like a towering giant, she; like a tiny mouse. I was in a very powerful position, even though she was the teacher. I know she could feel it as well, because the sides of her neck and her ears were turning red with anger… or perhaps embarrassment.

“Class, this is Elizabeth Braveheart, she’s from Europe. Be kind and welcoming, all of you.” She said and showed me towards the class. Several empty seats were open for me, and I met several of the guys stares, and I knew I wanted to steer away from them. Male humans and females from my kind usually caused trouble, and had done for several centuries. That was until I met the hostile blue ocean green eyes in the back of the room. It was a male, his face chiseled from marble, and his eyes like glowing rocks in this seemingly dimly lit classroom. I was confused. I had never seen a human male with eyes like his, and yet here I stood, right in front of his desk.

“Can I sit here?” I asked, before I even realized I had walked across the entire room and opened my mouth. His glare was intriguing, no one had ever looked at me like he wanted me dead before. It was interesting, it was almost like he knew who I was, and he despised me.

“Whatever.” He snarled. Even his voice was handsome, slightly hoarse, but yet soft and comfortably leveled. I took his answer as a confirmation of my question, and sat down on the desk to his right.

I glanced sideways at him. His face was… well it was handsome, obviously. His cheeks were high and sharp, his nose straight and well defined, as was his jaw line. The dark eyebrows were dark and low, making the contrast with his green eyes even more impressive. One thing was certain, he didn’t look seventeen at all. His hair was messy, and the color of chestnut. It was hard not to stare at him, but when he suddenly turned his threatening gaze at me, I turned my focus up to Miss Jonesen, and it stayed there the rest of calculus.

Once the class was over, my mysterious desk neighbor packed his bag and disappeared out of the room. It was a strange feeling in the back of my head, somewhere and somehow I understood his hostility, but I couldn’t place it. Even though I should’ve been able to, it shouldn’t be that difficult really.

“Hello, I’m Rachel, I love your hair, is it your natural color?” A blonde human, chewing gum came up to my desk and asked, before I had managed to escape the room. I flashed a smile and nodded. My hair was long and… swirly, with the color of dark ebony. I guess most humans would envy my hair, good thing they haven’t seen my sisters then. It would’ve turned into world war three in a matter of seconds.

“It’s really pretty. Perhaps you could tell me your secret during lunch? Sit with us?” Rachel asked and batted her long, black lashes. I could smell the chemicals on her face, and the (probably very expensive, but still) fake perfume she was wearing, not to mention the rubber she was chewing on. It burned in my nostrils. If I guessed right, her friends would be just the same, and sitting with them would be like sitting in a gas chamber. So I smiled politely.

“I bet that would have been lovely Rachel, but no.” Her jaw fell and I could see the pink gum resting against her teeth.

“Nothing personal, I’m allergic to your perfume.” I added and wrinkled my nose, and by second thought… “Plus your make-up.”

I could see I had offended her, because she blew up her chest like the male Paradise birds in the Valley used to do when they were protecting their territory. It made them seem bigger, it made Rachel seem stupid.

“Very well then.” She snapped and marched off in the same tight jeans I had banned from my own closet. How she managed to walk that fast in them was beyond me. I smiled and looked down on my own attire. I had found a pair of slightly baggy jeans, which were easier to move in, but still weren’t so baggy that they got in the way. They were perfect with the tightly tied converse shoes I had gotten myself.

I left the classroom; quite pleased with the fact that (except for the bummer the very same morning) I had not screwed up yet.


I had found the cantina without too much trouble (again) and I found myself a pretty quiet corner where I was hoping no one would torture me with terrible perfume or make-up, or other chemical smells. The food, as I think I have mentioned earlier, is absolutely gruesome. Especially the food here on the school. How could anyone even dream of eating that stuff (that once used to be fresh meat, but now has been mashed into something resembling animal droppings… yeah, I said it. It’s the hamburgers I’m talking about) without throwing up. So, I bought a salad, which of course had been tempered with as well. It seems that humans just can’t let nature do the job; they just have to meddle with everything. In the end I ended up eating one tomato, which smelled okay. Thank Nature I can survive a long time on very little food, another one of the advantages of being… well, me.

I looked around the large cantina, seeing several eyes on me, the new girl (toy). I snickered lowly; they would have a hard time toying with me. I didn’t (sadly enough) spot the boy with the hostile eyes, but I hadn’t expected to find him here either though. He seemed too much of a lone wolf to be around so many people.

“Is this seat taken?” A soft voice suddenly asked and my eyes snapped up to a shy, but natural face. I had seen her in my calculus class, sitting in the far corner, chewing on a pencil absentmindedly. She was rather pretty, with soft looking, wheat colored hair to her shoulders, and warm golden eyes. I drew in a whiff of air, and to my astonishment, she smelled clean, no perfume, no make-up. The only smell was faint from shampoo and deodorant.

“No, you can sit if you’d like.” I answered, surprised that there still existed human girls who didn’t contaminate their skin with make-up. This girl didn’t really need to cover up her face either though, her skin was flawless.

“I’m June Sanders. Good going, turning down a membership by the Les Horrible into the LookAtMe-squad.” She said and sat down. I looked confused at her.

“I mean Rachel, those of us who don’t like the way she tramples on the weaker ones call her Les Horrible, and she’s the leader of the LookAtMe-squad.” June said and nodded towards the table in the middle of the cantina. And true enough, there sat eight girls, looking around (self-consciously) twirling their hair and showing their chests out, like the Paradise birds. I smiled.

“I see. So you’re the Les Resistance?” I asked June. She laughed.

“Sure is, well, we’re not that big of a group yet, but if you’d join us, we’d be about… two.” June said and smiled lopsidedly. I laughed; this was actually a pretty funny human.

“Sure, I’ll join your resistance.” I answered. June lit up like a firecracker and grinned.

“One question. Who was that guy I sat with in calculus?” I asked her and her grin faded.

“No one really knows. He’s a transfer, like you. His name is Caspian Riverton and he’s a real nasty guy. He doesn’t seem to want to speak to any of us, he just scowls. He is very handsome though.” She answered thoughtfully and then started laughing again.

“You should have been here when Les Terrible tried to ask him out. He didn’t even answer; he just stared at her and then turned and walked away. It was great.” I smiled, imagining the face of Rachel. It must have looked something like when I blew her off, but only ten times worse.



Meanwhile, at another part of the building a meeting takes place between two tall males. One of them is hid in the shadows, and the other hid under a cloak (in the 21th century). The discuss heatedly amongst themselves. One more urgent than the other.

“So she has finally arrived?” The cloaked one asked. The one in the shadows nodded.

“She’s clueless that I am here, she seems slightly retarded actually.” The shadowy one answered and grinned. The cloaked one chuckled and grinned as well.

“Well what did you expect; she’s a hamadryad, a nymph of the forest. They’re silly creatures after all, thinking they’re on top of the world…” The cloaked one paused as two chatting teachers passed them without noticing the odd encounter. “Let her stay unknowing of your existence. She can be dangerous if you try to play her.”

“Yes, uncle, I am aware of that.” The shadowy person replied, clearly not liking the lecturing. The Cloak sighed heavily and placed a hand on the others forehead and murmured a few sentences, before he let his hand fall down at his side again.

“Thank you, uncle.” The Shadow said and bowed. The Cloak bowed, before he disappeared into thin air.

“I’ll make sure that little nymph never sees her precious trees again, that's a promise.” The Shadow whispered to himself, before he left, not looking back. 


The End

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