Just like Romeo and Juliet, except you're really not my type of species.Mature

The young dryad, Elizabeth Braveheart attends a Boston high school when she comes to the human world to try and make peace with the naiads, the lifelong enemies of the dryads. She soon realizes she's not the only supernatural being in school, and also that something is out to get rid of her. She finds herself guarded by a handsome exiled demon, befriending a human girl and her older brother while trying to figure out why the King of Demons seems to think she's such a treath to his reign, and why



I can’t even try to remember when I last slept. It feels like an eternity. Like I’ve been stuck in this desolated place for years, yet it seems like only yesterday I could feel grass beneath my bare feet. It’s strange though, how humans manage to survive on this dreadful food and contaminated water. Have they got no dignity at all in their pitiful lives? I was stupid to go here, the elders were right. It’s too late now though, can’t go back once you’ve left the valley. Oh so stupid.

The house is cold as well. That damn heater broke down again and that man who's supposed to fix it never comes around. Humans and their religions, can’t work on Sundays, or weekends, what’s all that about anyway? Pure laziness is what the elders would call it. Well, I guess I’d call it laziness as well. Well…it is. Humans are lazy. Another thing I failed to learn before I left the valley. And I can’t seem to get my head around electricity or their freaky payment system. They have money made of paper, and they have money made of metal, and the paper seems to be more valuable than the metal. There exists no logic what-so-ever in this place.

What are even worse are the sounds. My rotting tree, the sounds pounds like a million boulders in my head every waking hour. And I promise you, there’s a lot of waking hours lately. And still I have not been able to seek the sea barbarians. If I could only speak with them, perhaps I would be permitted access back into the valley by the elders for ending the war or something (yes I know, I am that smart). But no luck so far. I guess thousands of years at war with us means nothing to those barbarians. I even went to the aquarium, you know; the fish prison. Not even the whales in that terrible prison were interested in speaking with me. So what does a poor girl like me do, without a heater, in the middle of winter, in one of the world’s largest cities?

Your guess is as good as mine I suppose, because I have no idea. No idea at all.

So here I am, in a two-room apartment, no heater, terrible food, no fresh water and what’s up with these clothes the human race dresses in. It’s completely insane to wear something this uncomfortable and stiff as these jeans all the human girls wear. They cling to my limbs like a second skin, and I can barely move in them. The tops are hardly any better may I remind you. Sweaters with hoods you can get lost in, and in a worst case scenario choke yourself with. And when it’s winter, like it is right now, they wear these large jackets which make them look like blowfish. It’s quite comical, but I soon realized that laughing openly at people on the transportation system, also called the bus or train, is frowned upon. So I won’t do that again. I guess my only option is to get to know these hideous creatures if I’m not going back to the valley anytime soon. That means, high school… here I come.


The End

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