Chap 1 - Let The Games BeginMature

"Ever wanted to play FNAF in real life? This place is fun for both adults and kids! Just like the real game" - 10/10 IGN

Yesterday I got this email. It was strange looking but I think that was the point of the whole thing. The messages came from a person named Scott with the subject of ‘Thanks For Playing My Game! But, Also, Check This Out!’. Scott, who I didn’t know until current, is the creator of the Five Nights At Freddy’s and seem to have invited me to... Well, a haunted house, is what it sounds like.

Hello, Minx!

You’ve been invited to try out our interactive horror game!

I appreciate you playing one of my games and I’m glad that you liked it. I, along with a really good friend of mine, have came up with this idea to make Five Nights At Freddy’s a little more of an experience than just a game.

For the night, you will be playing as the security guard within the room. From 12am to 6am you’ll begin working the lights and door to keep Freddy and his friends at bay. Get it now? Just like a game. But unlike the game, there will not be anything coming to kill you. You’ll be perfectly safe throughout the night. Plus, you will not be the only one there. More details will be known once you arrive. The directions to the place are in the attachments.

See you soon.


Yeah, completely sounds like a haunted house. As much as I kind of like the game, it still creeps me out and the fucking puppets though! I wasn’t sure. He told me I wouldn’t be alone but he also didn’t tell me who would be there. I’m not all that great of an outgoing person around new people but, I mean, if we’re gonna be stuck in a pizza place, we might as well get along. But, alas, I found myself following the directions to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza.

Also, how big is this place if I’m not the only one? In the game it’s a tiny ass room and small all building. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be that big. And for this to work, there will be three of us; one on camera, the other on the left door, and someone on the right. I started laughing when I realized how easy this would be.

When I stop to look around and saw that I was in the middle of nowhere. Must be miles before I hit a city, or a county even. I looked down at the map and saw I was going the right way. Then why do I feel like I’m lost or some shit? I was just about to make a u-turn and tell Scott ‘fuck it’ until I saw a building a little ways away from where I stopped.

“Is... Is that it?” I asked myself and slowly inched my car a little closer to see it better. Finally, the Fazbear sign was visible. I felt both nervous and relieved to know that I found the right place. As I got closer I can see some cars and a group of people appearing. “That’s sure as hell more than two...” Mumbling, I parked alongside the other cars and got out. I was able to see the group a lot clearer.

I did become puzzled seeing them here. Mark, Yami, Wade, Dlive, and even the two dudes from Rooster Teeth. Across from them was a guy, standing with five other people as he greeted me.

“Hello Manga Minx! We were just waiting on you to start the tour of the place. My name is Mike, just like the game- I know. I’ll be guiding you and the others around the building to get y’all settled in. It is bigger than how it is in the game but that’s only because it needs to fit all seven of you. I have already explained this to the others but these lovely people here are Monica, Jade, Damion, Nickie, and Anthony. They will be in the customs that you will be avoiding for the night."

I had simply nodded and smile just to make it look like I was listening. I was but I was still focused on taking to my friends more. After Mike was done I walked over to join the group. We all look like a bunch of kids on a weird ass field trip- I swear...

"So you got the email too, huh?" Mark asked while we walked I to the pizza place.

"Yeah, I thought it was a prank or some shit but I can see how that it's pretty real... Kind of freaks me out."

"Well that is the point of all this, Minx. To freak you out." Mike chuckled before turning to us, "Right now we are standing in the main room.” He showed us around, giving us a bit of history on the place, how they build it to complete precision, the game itself, and how we should play. Like I said, it felt like a shitty field trip for the most part. Kind of interesting but still a little boring.

After the tour and the weird question Gavin started asking, we finally came to the security room. “This is... Pretty huge...” I said as she stepped in. The room was a decent size for all seven of us and there seem to be enough cameras to watch every room. Even some areas that didn’t look familiar to me.

“Yes, well, it had to be modified to fit this version of the game. Speaking of; you all have an added task after the lights goes out. One of you will have to go down to the generator room and turn the backup generator back on. You can go alone or in a group, but there still needs to be someone in this room watching the camera and someone working the doors.”

“Even when the lights turn off?” Mark asked.

“Even when the lights turn off. You have flashlights to help you find your way. But you must hurry. This place might be big, but if you’re fast enough to and from the generator room... You might get locked out of the room. If you are, that means Freddy has already got to your friends and you have to leave before you get captured.” Mike’s smile was a bit eerie to me. It was very unsettling the way he said that as well. I know the people are going to get us but... Maybe I’m just overthinking it. This whole play feels weird and I guess that’s just getting to me.

Mike walked out of the room, telling us that he’ll be in the surveillance room watching us. Would that take up some of the power as well? We walked around the room, getting ourselves familiar with the set up and talking to each other about how strange all this is. Getting the email and see where this place sat was off. Then again, I didn’t listen to myself because now I’m here with the others.

We started thinking up plans and ways how we can survive night one. In hoping that it’s only one night of us being here. “Dlive and I would be the first two to head downstairs once the lights shut down. I’m guessing for the first two hours, maybe, we’ll only have to be watching out for Bonnie so that’s not all that hard.” Wade stated, though I didn’t feel really okay with that.

“How about Dlive and I go downstairs?” I butted in. I trust Wade but he does get scared... A lot. “Gavin and Michael can work the doors while Mark, you, and Yami check on the cameras. I kind of like that best.”

“Wait a minute,” Michael stepped up to me, “I think we all should pick apart. Mike did say there, at least, needs to be two people in the room. Who cares how many gets to go turn the power back on. I call one of the cameras.” He said while walking to the far camera near the left door.

Mark and Gavin went over to the camera near the back while Yami and Wade took the doors. “... Alright. I guess it’s Dlive, and I who are going down to the generators.” I picked up the flashlights, handing one to him. After getting our passions sets the cameras turned on and the extra lights went off. Giving us that same feeling we felt while playing the game.

Finally, the recording started.

Hello, hello? Uh, I wanted to record a message for you to help you get settled in on your first night. Um, I actually worked in that office before you. I'm finishing up my last week now, as a matter of fact. So, I know it can be a bit overwhelming, but I'm here to tell you there's nothing to worry about. Uh, you'll do fine. So, let's just focus on getting you through your first week. Okay?

Just like the game, the recording with on, line from line. I recall Wade trying to cut it off but the wouldn’t shut it. “It looks like it’s a requirement of us to listen it to. Even though some of us have it memorized word from word.” Mark laughed. As soon as the recording was over everyone seemed to me focused on the cameras and the doors.

I watched over the camera Michael was at for a while before getting kind of bored. “It’s been almost a full hour, why hasn’t he moved yet?” I mumbled, walking around the middle of the room, messing with the flashlight. “There isn’t even any chairs to sit in. We’re going to be here all night.”

“Well, it does take a while before the bunny moves.” Gavin shrugs. “And I don’t really think it’s been near an hour.” I sighed and walked over to Yami’s camera. Everyone looks to be keeping an eye on the stage instead for Mark and Wade who was looking at Pirate Cove. Not sure why since he doesn’t move until night three. Or, in this case, really early in the morning. I looked up at the clock he had to show us how many hours we still had til the next night. It was still on hour one and no one has moved yet.

“Aren’t... Aren’t those people who volunteered to be the puppets supposed to be moving?” Michael asked. I started wondering the same thing until it hit me.

“Wait, just like in the game, I don’t think they’re going to me if we’re still watching them. Everyone change your cameras and go back to the Cam1A.” They did just that, but before they can change the cameras back the power went off. “... Are you fucking kidding me...?”

Dlive turned on his light, as did I, before hurrying down to the generator room.

The End

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