Just letters

Dear Gerald,

How is it so hard to like me? Am I not pretty or beautiful? 

What is it that  I don't have and Roxanne does? Am I too smart? Does she have time for you when I don't?

Gerald, I've loved you since the end of 5th grade. I heard from my friend that you liked me. I watched you from afar and found myself falling for you.

My friends always said good things about you. I was happy to hear different stories about you. Then we graduated 6th grade.  Your parents were kind in taking pictures of us. I was shy but flying inside.

I thought of you every summer. I always wanted to talk to you but found it awkward. I looked at your photos to see what you were doing. I tried to convince myself to forget you,  cause I knew you weren't going to be mine. I was drunk with you. Though you don't know it. We saw each other again and everything I tried to forget about you crumbled to dust. You gave me a gift that I treasured so much.

Then came the school year, we were sweet and flirty (at least that's how I see it). I saw you everyday because we were classmates and all. I was happy and contented.

Then I met Roxanne, the girl I would come to know as your new girlfriend. My friends told me all about her and all I wanted to do was kill her. I realized you wanted us to be an item. I wasn't ready. I'll have you know I made promises to my family to study as hard as I could. You thought I was torpe, maybe I am but I loved you so much, I thought you didn't feel the same way as me. I wanted you so much it hurt. 

I still do, now that your with Roxanne. I blame my shyness and your impatience for all of this. You made me stronger though. I couldn't have done it without you.


Quinn Everdeen

The End

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