Just Jump

I don't think this is that good so i may change it but please give me pointers :)

He stood there there atop the ledge, staring down at the grey side walk, the sun reflecting its blinding light off of the colossal skyscrapers that   towered  over the many people below .All of which were  scurrying around like what now looked like ants to him. His warm salty tears rolled down his cheeks and past his quivering mouth before falling to the ground and  making there final journey before being no more.The images of loved ones flicked through his head , the nostalgic thoughts of all he had ever done now playing like a film in his mind all for him to review sullenly , causing a longing for all he once had but could never have any more . His past had become waste , a place of happiness destroyed  by the very thing that drives him to do as he is about to now   .

Flicking his head towards the sky he began to stare up at its azure canvas dotted with drifting white clouds sailing slowly in the wind.The sky gave him comfort he knew he would be going there soon,  he smiled at the thought of it as he wiped the tears away from his damp stone like face.

He urged himself forward , forcing himself closer to the edge leaning over so he could stare at the scuttling bugs below, making their way from place to place hiding in the dark shadows of the god like buildings above. "This is it he thought" as the sirens wailed in the background ,jumping gracefully  into the air his body began hurtling  towards the ground the  wind whipped past his ears as he gained in speed getting faster and faster, as the ground became closer and closer.He unfurled his magnificent white feathery wings , flapping them rapidly in the air each flap sounding like a heart beat forcing the air down beneath them. He soared heroically  towards the sirens ahead. 



The End

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