Guy stretched and yawned, then scratched his ass as he rolled down the window to take a leak into the street.  It would have been easier to piss out the bigger passenger window, onto the sidewalk, but professionalism prohibited that.  The sidewalk was essentially his front door, and potential clients forced to step over a spreading puddle of urine was just gauche.  His stream steamed in the early morning sun and he shivered with the thought of oncoming winter.

After, he rummaged around for something to eat.  He found nothing, other than a stiff stick of Fruit Stripe gum, which he popped in his mouth with a shrug.  What the hell, he thought, what it lacks in nutrients it makes up for in sugar.

He would need food -- and soon.  He looked ruefully over at the stack of files on his desk and tried to ignore his rumbling tummy.

Damn, the only way I can get food is by providing a service for these morons.

He was instantly attracted to the child abduction.  People who could breed, he figured, would most likely be well off, and able to pay his fees with something other than stale bread.  Child abductions were pure fantasy for someone like him, the kind of upscale job which would make a name for himself without the need for advertising.

And if he found the little rugrat alive?  Whoa, then he'd be like a local hero.

Of course, with the world the way it was these days, children were easy prey who often disappeared and never found.

Well, sometimes they were found, but never alive.

Guy sat in his chair and cracked the file, only to immediately toss it over his shoulder with a curse.  The kid had been taken five days ago, and there was no chance in hell he was going to locate that little bastard after being missing for five days.  That kid was a goner.  Hopefully Mommy and Daddy had him back by now.  Otherwise...

Oh well, let's see what else there is, Guy reached out and picked up the other file which read CANNIBALISM AT RESTAURANT?

He shook his head sadly.  The joys of dining out in the new age; he never thought he'd miss the FDA.

The End

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