"Just Friends" part 20Mature

            May 30th. Today was the 30th of May. That meant only ten more days until Pat’s wedding. I had just finally returned from the hospital and received a severe beating from Creeves. The usual questions were asked, “Who helped you?”

            “Dr. Anderson.”

            “What’d you say?”

            “I fell down in the bathtub.”

            “Did the demon die?” He asked with a hint of a sneer. I felt myself wince and grit my teeth from him talking about Julianne that way, yet I still lied, “Yes. It did.”

            I sat in the kitchen chair across from him as he put his feet up and began smoking the newest bit of his meth, “What a shame. I she would’ve been prettier than you. Much more fun to mess with,”

            I clenched my fists under the table but kept my face unemotional, “Yes. What a shame.”

            Creeves soon marched up to bed, taking his meth pipe with him, but not before ordering me to clean up the two week old blood that still remained in the bathroom. He said he felt that that job should have been saved just for me, since it was my fault for bleeding. But the cleaning was a worthless cause; all the white hit in the bathroom by the blood was now tinted pink. I sadly sighed then decided to go to my bed: the couch.

            The following morning I woke up at around one o’clock in the afternoon, “That’s odd,” I stated to myself. Usually Creeves wakes me at six to make him his breakfast. But do I dare go up to his room?

            As they say, curiousity killed the cat.

            I climbed the stairs as silent as possible, limbs shaking with a feeling I wasn’t sure about. The door slowly creaked open as I pushed it.

            Creeves was asleep, pipe on his nightstand, meth still smoldering in the bulb, “Creeves,” I shakingly said his name, “Creeves, it’s one in the afternoon.”

            Still no answer. I crept over to his bedside and lightly touched his arm.

            It was ice cold. At this moment I finally noticed the dried blood that had dribbled from his mouth, “Holy shit!”

            Creeves was dead. The meth finally got to him and made his heart implode sometime in the night.

            I was free.

            I finally explained to the cops all the awful things Creeves had done. They asked for evidence. I showed them my bruises and the pink-stain in the bathroom. They carried his dead body and all the drug paraphernalia out of the home.

            And he was gone. Just like that

            Time to find Pat.


                                    *                                  *                                  *

            I had heard news of Pat changing his mind about having the wedding at Hawaii from overhearing grocery gossip. The reason, they said, was due to a child mysteriously appearing in the front of his apartment’s door. The wedding was instead to be held at this gorgeous park nearby and I got on my disguise and began on Creeves’ bike to the park.

            Janel already had tons of white decorations in among the trees and I couldn’t help but feel jealous; I had always wanted a white wedding.

            I saw Janel and multiple other women bustling about and trying to set everything up. And in the middle of it all was Pat, sporting one of those baby backpacks across his chest with Julianne sitting in it with a cute sunhat and sunglasses. I walked up to him and switched to the accent I used in the cemetery, “You got that baby looking quite fashionable.”


            “Shh Pat, quiet!”

            “How did you get here?! Last time I saw you Creeves had you chained to the floor in a pool of blood.”

            “That’s what I’ve come to talk about,” I grabbed him and pulled him away from the wedding bustle. I smiled at Julianne who immediately smiled back, but I lifted my eyes back to Pat, “Creeves is dead,” the words still brought a smile to my face, as sick as that may sound.

            “Really? How? You didn’t-“

            “Oh God no. I may have hated the man but I wouldn’t kill. It was a drug overdose.”

            Pat couldn’t help but roll his eyes, “Of course. But what about you? What will you do?”

            I stared at little Julianne in silence, laying my hand gently on her head, “She’s beautiful,” I whispered.

            “You know she looks just like you,” Pat stated with a smile.

            “Now way, she’s has your dimples,” I looked up at him and alarms went off in my head. We were way too close for the public eye, “Patrick…” I tried to heed a warning to him, but he ignored it, “They’re all too busy right now to notice anything,” He took hold of my hand, “Please stay here. Stay here with us.”

            I broke away from him, “And do what Patrick? Watch you and Janel grow old together, and not me? Watch Julianne grow up thinking her mother is someone else instead of me? No, no I don’t think so.”

            I was surprised that I could glare at him with a baby blowing spit bubbles in his pack, “So with that I bid you and my daughter farewell,” I began turning around only to remember something else, “And you know, I thought you’d have the balls to end it with her, but now I know better.”

            I was also surprised by how I could walk away from him so easily. Well, that was what I first thought until I felt my feet turn to dough at the thought of Pat being gone forever.

            The biggest surprise of all though was how as I walked away, Pat did nothing to stop me.

The End

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