"Just Friends" part 15Mature

It was, for once, a sunny day and I was walking to the grocery store, only for the silence of the small town to be shattered by the roaring of, was is a motorcycle?

It began shooting by, yet seemed to slow down right in front of me. The rider was wearing pilots of some sort with his black hair flying back from the wind. My eyes immediatly narrowed with anger. The motorcycle roared up onto the grass and pulled up in front of me. The driver stepped off, pulling of his pilots in the process, and I got a good look at his bright dancing green eyes. As soon as I saw those I growled, "Patrick Henry LeBlanc, you fucking moron," I ran up to him and punched his chest, "You're ruining everything," I seethed. He merely laughed and took a hold of my hands, "Bree, Bree, Bree. You're the one that sent the postcard."

I tore my hands out of his, "Yeah, but that was for future references, when things were all squared away back at home. Still engaged to Janel?"

Pat was silent; his silence was close enough of an answer to me, "Precisly. And now Creeves' assistants are going to find me and I'll be screwed. And just when I was getting comfortable here." I stood with my arms crossed across my chest, quietly fuming.

"Is it ok if I ask something Bree?" Pat asked cautiously, sensing my heated anger, "What?" I snapped.

"Why here? Why not Europe like you wanted to?"

I rolled me eyes, "The only way to get there is by plane. Plane tickets involve ID, therefore Creeves can find me much more easily."

"Ah, and the small town because it's hard to find?"

"Exactly," I looked at my watch, "Damn, now I can't go the store since you had to come and waste my time," I began turning back to walk back to my home, when Pat stopped me and flashed a dimpled grin, "i can take you."

I looked at the motorcycle and felt fear trickle through my veins. It was at this moment that the old lady Mrs. Schorr walked up to me and pointed her cane towards Pat, "Is this motorcycle boy causing you trouble Bree?"

"No Mrs. Schorr, he's an old friend of mine." The old woman's eyes narrowed and she poked Pat with the cane, "Our town doesn't take troublemakers like you. I'll be watching you."

"Don't worry. I'm as peaceful as a lamb Mrs. Schorr."

She scoffed but turned away anyway and walked back towards the bench she was sitting on, going back to feeding the sparrows as she always does. I turned my attention back to the metal death machine Pat was offering me a lift on, "Are you sure that's safe Pat? I mean, no helmets..."

Pat rolled his eyes, then took a hold of my hand, "C'mon," And he took a seat on the motorcyle, tossing me right behind him, "So where's your house?"

"Just on the end of this street. Keep driving until the end."

"Alright, oh and Bree? You better hold on tight." I was about to question him when the motorcycle acceratled with a jolt and I had to wrap my arms around Pat to keep me from falling off. My cheek and chest were pressed up to his back and I was able to smell him through the jacket. How long was it since I got a good whiff of him? Weeks? Months? So I wrapped my arms tighter around his lean body and breathed in deeply, hoping he just thought I only did that for fear of falling off the bike.

Unfortuently the trip back to my house was far too short and I was soon walking back into my small house with a groan, "Oh my house is such a mess. I'm sorry Pat,"

The floor was littered with assorted toys, paintbrushes, and papers, "Ugh, I can't believe this," I grumbled as I began to pick everything up. I caught Pat fearfully eying the toys, considering they were fit for a baby, "Bree..." He began, but was interuppted by another voice saying my name. Into the room walked a little child of two years old, with red hair and tons of freckles, "Jude, look at the mess you've made. I was gone for five minutes and you managed this tornado?"

"Sowy Bwee." Pat stared at the child, "Jude?"

"Yeah I named him after the song. Couldn't help it," When Pat continued staring I realized it wasn't the name that bugged him, "Oh honestly Pat. I was definetly not gone long enough to have a baby and have it grow up enough to be able to walk." I walked over and picked Jude up, bouncing him in my arms, "Then...where did he come from?" Pat asked with a hint of hysteria.

I rolled my eyes, "I found him on the streets of a town in Missouri on my way up. I stayed there for an entire day trying to find out who he belongs to, but the police came up with nothing. So I decided to keep him."

Pat seemed to breath a sigh of relief, which made me laugh, "There is no guy. I didn't come out here for that. I came out here for freedom."

It was silent for a moment except for Jude's cooing and then he finally yawned, "Oh I got to get him in his crib for his nap. Ugh and you're prolly beat from your trip," I rushed over to the sofa and cleared it of...I believe the papers to have been taxes, "Here, sit while I take care of Jude." I carried Jude down the short hall to my bedroom where his crib was as well and gently laid him down, "Goodnight buddy," And with a quick peck on his cheek I snuck out and quietly shut the door behind me. After moving more papers I took a seat next to Pat, "Ok he's fast asleep. So tell me, why didn't you wait?"

"I couldn't wait because it was killing me. Janel is nowhere close to you and it seemed wherever I went there were reminders of you."

I nodded, "Same here. Everyone seemed to look like you."

It was silent again between us as I picked at my fingers from being nervous. Hot electricity flowed between us and I resisted from moving closer to Pat and touching his face. My face blushed with the knowledge of what I was about to ask, "Did...did you mean what you said on the phone?"

He looked at me for a long second, "Yeah. Did you?"

The blush grew brighter as I stuttered, "Y...y..yeah." We both stared at each other before our eyes shooting back into our laps. Did Pat just inch closer to me? "Uhm...how long have you?" Pat quietly asked.

I didn't think I could, but I blushed even more, "Awhile."

"How long's that?"

"Very long." He inched closer, "O c'mon Bree. How long is 'very long'?"

I looked down at my hands and murmured, "SInce I first met you," i begged he didn't hear me.

He did.

"Bree," He whispered, finally being close enough for our knees to be touching. He chuckled, "And how do you think I've been all these years?"

I contined looking down as I mumbled, "That you had to deal with this crazy chick all these years so you might as well like her?"

He laughed, "No, I think my emtions all those years were more along the lines of 'I love this crazy chick and what to spend forever with her'."

"Really?" I didn't dare look at his eyes, knowing I'd never be able to look away. He took hold of my chin though and lifted my head up, so I was looking straight into his eyes, full of happiness, "Yes really."

I recalled my last sane thought was last time I was this close to Pat he had grey eyes. They do change after all.

I knew that was the last sane thought because after that Pat and I gave up on resisted and let our lips finally, finally meet.

The End

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