"Just Friends" part 14Mature

The next day Chase called me up to walk along the boardwalk. Even though we lived close to Myrtle Beach, it was still cool enough today to wear jackets. Chase and I were now walking through the city, "So let me get this straight Pat. You're in love with Bree, and you have been since 7th grade, but you're not going to go after her?"

"Chase, she hasn't given me any way of finding her. If I knew, I'd be there."

Two girls walked by, staring at us as we went by. I ignored them while Chase made sure to wink, making them erupt into a fit of giggles. I rolled my eyes, "Last night I managed to avoid to terror of sex with Janel again."

"Oh? How'd you do it this time?"

"She was drunk and I got her to pass out with the help of pain killers."

Chase nodded, "Good idea," He glanced inside a shop full of tourists.

"Then I came home to find a postcard from Seattle and the only word on the back was Neilton. What the hell is that about?"

Chase shrugged, "That is rather odd. I mean, who'd even want to visit that place. It rains all the time. Now here..."

I stopped listening to Chase, suddenly recalling a conversation long ago that I had with Bree...


"If not somewhere in Europe, then I'm defintly moving to Washington," Bree stated firmly.

"Why? What's out there?"

"Rain. I love everything about it. And everything is so green out there..."


I returned back to Chase still talking, "And the best part is the sun all year long..."

"Chase that's it!"

He jumped with the shock of my sudden outburst, "The sun?"

I rolled my eyes, "No, I know what the postcard mean."


"I'll even show you. C'mon."

We returned back to my apartment and I had my laptop open, with Google already up. Chase watched over my shoulder as I frantically typed in Neilton, Washington, in the Google Maps. Up popped a small town, which I pointed to, "This is where Bree is. Right there."

"Seriously? Washington State?"

"I'm a hundred percent sure."

"Well then get directions."

I switched webpages to Mapquest and typed in both places, "Damn that's a lot of miles," Chase whistled.

I stared at the trip that could take weeks to accomplish, when an idea came to me, "Still got that motorcycle of yours?"

*                                                         *                                                        *

"Don't worry honey, I'm just going to visit my cousin Bree," I assured Janel. I was already perched on Chase's motorcycle, the back packed with all my stuff, covered with a tarp to keep it safe from the rain. I had on my favorite jacket and pilots.

"But Patty, it'll take you more than a week just for you to get there," She stomped her foot and whined, "And when have you ever ridden a motorcycle?"

I paused then, knowing I never truly did learn how to drive the thing, but I had to learn now; no time for lessons, "I'll be fine. I'll pull into a motel if need be."

"Alright. Just be safe ok?"

"Ok, ok," I revved the motorcycle up and began driving away, fast. In the rearview mirror I watched her blow a kiss to me, but I didn't respond to it at all.

Because now, I finally felt free.

*                                                      *                                                      *

I was surprised how easy riding a motorcyle came to me. Within three days I had made my way through three states. I made sure to stop in some places to eat, sleep, and get away from the rain.

After a week I had finally reached the rainy region of the Olympia Penisula. I searched for all road signs, trying to find one with Neilton written upon it, but I couldn't find one.

A small house sat along the road and I asked where this town was, "See this mountain right here? Continue driving along it and you'll drive right through Neilton," The old woman answered me.

So I began following his directions, building soon showing up on the horizon.

The End

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