"Just Friends" Part 13Mature

My head ached. But wait, how'd my head get injured? I recalled Creeves' breath rolling down my neck, then incredible pain, then seeing Bree's face before passing out...or was I dying?

I managed to blink my eyes open, being blinded by the fluorescent lights, "Looks like you're finally with the living Patrick," I blinked my eyes a couple more times until a doctor came into my sight, "Ugh what'd I miss?"

"That Bree girl saved your life."

"Bree?" I sat up too quickly in my bed, making my head spin, "Whoa Pat relax. You've just woke up from long surgery and hours of sleep. You need to remain calm."

"Where is she, Doctor...."

"Anderson," Dr. Anderson answered.

"Dr. Anderson, where is she?" I pressed. I needed an answer, but instead Dr. Anderson looked down at his feet, "I...she...she's gone Patrick," he stated lamently, "But she told me to give you this," He held a piece of paper and handed it to me.

My fingers, though still shaking from all that's happened, managed to unfold the little note:

Dear Pat,

       I learned you're going to be alright. I'm some sort of a hero to everyone, when in reality I'm not. The only heroic thing I've done is what I'm doing right now: escaping. I'm escaping from Creeves so you don't have to take care of me. Killing two birds with one stone. I'm keeping you as well as myself safe.

                                                                           I guess this is good-bye,


PS: What you said over the phone, I feel the same way. And when you are free of all of your demons. Find me

"So she's just gone?" I asked, trying hard not to cry. I'm not one to express emotions like that. Dr. Anderson looked at me with somber eyes, "I would've stopped her but she wouldn't let me."

"Do you know where she went?" I was groveling for some sort of info, but he merely shrugged, "Wouldn't tell me."

My eyes searched around the room I was in, "When can I get out of here?"

"As long as there's no complications you'll be out within....a week? Maybe three days? You'll have to come back though to get the stitches removed."

I laid back down in the bed, feeling defeated. In that time Bree could arrive in about any place in the world. June 10th was getting closer every second, constricting me with each pulse of the minute hand on clocks, "Your finacee is here to see you, by the way," Dr. Anderson stated, lips pursed.

In walked Janel, smiling big, "I'm sorry about Loise. I mean, I know how pleased you were with her business." the look she gave me then made chills run up my spine. Did she know? "How do you feel honey?" She asked while sliding beside me into my bed. I decided now was the time to suck up...in the way I really wished not. I leaned into her neck and whispered, "I think you know I want to get out of here ASAP," Not a total lie.

"Oh, why is that?" Janel asked with her sly grin, grotesque to me.

I swallowed the bile that had been crawling up my throat, "Yes, there's been plenty of things I've been waiting for so long to do to you, Janel," I breathed. I was getting pretty good at this acting thing, since Janel bought it and began giggling, "Oh Patrick you are full of surprises," She swiveled her head around to kiss me, long and hard. I knew she wanted to desperately get her tongue in my mouth, but I shoved her away, quickly coming up with an excuse, "Not while we're in the hospital dear."

Three days later, I was released from the hospital, the one place I was safe from Janel. Dr. Anderson noticed my issue and began telling Janel I was always asleep or getting tests.

But I walked out of the hospital slowly, dragging my feet and lazily raising my hand for a taxi. I recalled when I was young promising  that if Bree and I ever ran into each other again, I'd never let her go.

Guess I failed that major promise for myself.

I opened my apartment door and tossed the key to the apartment onto the counter. Looking to the floor, expecting a huge blood stain, I saw polished tile. My cellphone was moved to sitting on top of my tv. The screen blinked showing I had three messages:

"Hey sweetcheeks," My landlord, "Heard what happened to you you adorable clumsy fool. Oh, and I fed Reese while you were gone. Hope you didn't mind. How's that girl of yours? I have a feeling she isn't that exciting in bed now is she? Now I on the otherhand-"

Thank the lord it didn't record anything else.

"Honey, it's Janel. Just wanted to tell you that I came in and cleaned up that godawful blood that was all over your floor. I got it all out except for the one spot that got onto the carpet. Don't be too upset about it. We'll have our own house soon anyway. Love you! Bye!"

Then the third:

"Patrick LeBlanc, I heard you lived," Gulp, Creeves,"Just wanted to let you know that my wife is gone. she left a note saying she isn't with you. Well I wouldn't believe that except for the fact, I learned, you've been in the hospital all this time. You live, I suppose, to see another day."

Reese came trotting up to me and gave me a look, "I know, inspiring messages no?" I laughed a laugh that definetely didn't reach the whole of my face. I was actually hoping one of the messages was Bree, telling me her exact location. Latitude, longitude, everything so I could be there as fast as possible.

After listening to those lovely messages I tiredly stumbled to my bedroom, flopping onto the bed. Reese hopped up himself and looked at me, confused, "Yes Reese she's gone. Bree is gone."

He have a little whimper and laid down beside me, "Thanks bud," and then I slowly drifted off.

"Honey!!" I heard someone far away yell, "Patrick, you gotta get your ass up!" Now the voice was spanking me, "Bree?" I asked groggily while blinking the sleep from my eyes.

"Who the hell is Bree??" My eyes shot open and I sat up, eyes locking with Janel's, "Oh she's a cousin of mine. Haven't seen her in years," I nervously chuckled but Janel continued glaring. Then she rolled her eyes and crawled up on my bed to me, "Your hair is mussed up," and began fixing it, flattening all the strands that were sticking up, "So what was the need for the horrible wake-up full of spanking?"

"You have a gig tonight. I got it all set up while you were at the hospital. Gorgeous place it is."

"Mmm, lovely." I was personally only in the mood to lay back down and stay asleep until I hear Bree walk in my apartment.

My playing had been fine so far that night, but I knew I was lacking emotion. Janel felt it would be so sweet for her to sit on the piano bench with me, but it only made things worse. I want to be far away from her, sitting next to Bree instead, perhaps playing a song with her.

And the night just got worse.

It was around nine o'clock and Janel was sitting net to me when she tapped me on the shoulder, "Oh Pat look at that."

I turned to where she was pointing and saw a man kneeling, holding a small box. Standing before him was Bree, "No," I whispered, my fingers faulting at the keys, causing me to hear her cries, "Oh yes yes!" She embraced the man in a hug, "Oh Pat, that's so adorable," And Janel hugged my lifeless body, "C'mon let's go congradulate them," Janel dragged me towards the new couple, and I discovered at that point that the woman looked nothing like Bree.

And you know? It got even more worse. I walked with Janel up to her doorway, "Pootrick coome insidee with mee," She slurred.

"Look at you honey you're drunk. You need some rest," I pleaded she'd fall for the lie. Janel walked towards me, stumbling along the way, falling into my arms, "Yooo are gonnnna come insidee," She paused to hiccup, "sooo coommme ooon," She grabbed my hand and dragged me in.

It was a little house, only one bedroom, and she still had assortments of little figures from high school decorating the place, "My house is loooovely noooo?"

"Uhm sure."

She gave me a grin, and lead me to the doorway of her bedroom, "And this is my faavoorite roooom,"

"Oh lovely Janel. Honestly, I feel you're too drunk to do anything..."

Janel suddenly grabbed my shirt collar, "I'm neever tooo drunk fooor youuu," Janel then shoved her mouth on mine, alcohol smell rolling down my throat, "Janel," i mumbled behind her lips, "Stop." she threw me against her bed, "Janel what the hell? You're drunk!"

She was on top of me and I felt ill, "I toooold youuu, I'm perfectly finnneee foooor youuuu," She slurred again.

I had my mind flash through possible lies I could use. It quickly hit me, "Hold on Janel, my back hurts," Her eyes seemed to sober up from the sound of that, "Okay."

"Let me take some pain relievers," She got off of me and I walked into her bathroom, decored with the clique fish theme of most bathrooms. I shook my head before searching through her medicene cabinet. I came across assorted bottles of pain medication. I looked for one that said on the warnings, "may cause drowines". "Yes, here's one."

I grabbed a glass, filled it with water, and dropped two pills in it. I waited patiently for both pills to dissolve. Once they did I carried the glass out to Janel, "here, drink some water while I take a shower."

She pouted, "I can't take a shower with you?"

"Most certainly not Janel. You could fall and hit your head. Just drink the water to sober yourself up a bit and I'll be back before you know it."

Janel took the glass and began drinking the tainted water while I turned my back on her and went back into the bathroom, turning the water on.

I actually did take a shower, the first one since being in the hospital. And i made sure the shower was extra long. I didn't use any soap though, considering it was Janel's, but I still enjoyed the water.

By the time I walked out of the bathroom Janel was fast asleep on her bed, thanks to the alcohol and pill mixture. I grinned and whispered, "Another miss. Thank God."

I returned to my apartment with a big smile on my face. I turned the lights on to see Reese asleep on the couch; it was three in the morning. On the counter was what looked to be my mail with a note beside it:


         Got your mail for ya sweetie. It was just outside and i thought you'd like me getting it for you


I rolled my eyes, believing that getting my mail was just another excuse my landlord used to get into my apartment. I looked through the mail, most being junk, the rest bills. At the bottom of the stack was a postcard "Greetings from beautiful Seattle," the front read with a skyline view of the needle. I flipped it to see if something was written on the back, like a name of some sort. This was sent to the wrong address I was sure. But the only thing on the back was "Neilton". "What the heck is Neilton?" I asked aloud. This was definetly the wrong address, since I didn't know anyone visiting Washington State.

I sighed, feeling the late hour getting to me, and went to bed, knowing it was too late to do anything about the postcard until tomorrow.


The End

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