"Just Friends" part 11Mature

That same night Bree left I ended up sitting in the kitchen staring at nothing. Did Bree really mean it when she said she hated me? I mean, we seemed like we were so close until tonight. I shook my head, knowing it wasn't Bree's fault Janel is painfully violent when it comes to sex. What I said to her I knew I shouldn't have said. Reese walked over and whined, licking my hand for comfort.

It was around 5 in the morning when I finally decided to get up. I walked into my music room and took a seat at the piano, attempting to remember the song Bree played not long ago.

After a couple of tries I had the entire tune down and played it repeatively, hoping the song would be ingrained in my mind.

A pair of arms wrapped around my waist as I played, "That is beautiful. When did you write it?" It was Janel, and the sound of her voice seemed to make the scratches on my back burn in pain. I turned my away from where her head sat on my shoulder, "Yeah it is."

"I didn't know you to be the poetic composer. You usually like things evil sounding."

"Then you obviously don't know me," I murmured quietly enough that she couldn't hear. The next statement I made sure she'd hear, "I thought I told you you aren't allowed in here," I got up then and gently began pushing her out the door, closing it behind me.

We walked into the kitched and Janel got out a coffeecup. As she was pouring herself some coffee she said, "Loise left sometime last night," I winced from this reminder, but she didn't notice and continued, "Must be because she heard her job was done," She gave a sly grin and I mentally heaved in disgust, remembering that grin last night. My face must have been contorted because she stared at me oddly, "Uhm...well I'm going to work," I didn't notice until then that she was dressed in work clothes, "I'll be back home soon. I mean, I got to help pay for the wedding too." Janel came up to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek, "See you tonight honey." And the way she said that sentence made me feel my back was in for another grueling night.

Now it was just Reese and I, "Looks like it's Boy's Hangout Day for us, huh."

Reese looked at me then ran for the couch, "Yeah you can be on the sofa for today." I sat beside him and turned on some mindless tv.

Bree said she'd call me, but she hasn't quite yet. But if she didn't hitch-hike then it would take all day to get home, so it's understandable if she didn't call. But wouldn't she want someone to talk to while walking along a road, lonely? And I couldn't call her, for before she left she managed to steal the slip of paper with her number on it. I sighed and realized it was going to be a long day. Not even hours of Spongebob Squarepants could make me calm and make my thoughts slow down enough that I'd stop thinking about Bree.

*                                                     *                                                    *

I had thankfully gotten out of another painful night with Janel, saying I had a headache and wouldn't be able to enjoy myself because of it.

She still insisted on sleeping over though. But when I woke up shwe was gone away at work again, much to my relief. If she was still here she probably would've babied me from the headache ploy.

I walked into the kitchen and discovered a note laying on the table:

Dear honey,

           I'm sorry, but I had to go to work. There's some pain relievers on the table for you to take. I'll be home at 5. Hope you're feeling better by then so we can have some fun.



Dear lord, Janel's a flippen sex fiend. I ignored the pain killers and went over to check my phone: no missed calls. Now I was getting worried. What if something terrible happened to Bree on the way to Creeves'? What if something terrible happened at Creeves'? But I can't just walk up to the door and ask if Bree was there. Creeves would kill me on the spot. So I just grumbled and sat down in a kitchen chair.

I noticed then that the calendar was laying out on the table as well. I pulled it over to me and flipped through the different months.

June 10th was the wedding date, a day after my birthday. And the current date was February 25. So that gave me at most 4 months to change things. i grimaced, knowing that probably wasn't enough time, but I had to try.

I looked at the clock; it was 11 in the morning. Surely Bree should call by now. I layed my head on the cool table, "C'mon Bree, call. Call."

Brrrng, my phone vibrated. I practically flew out of my chair, "Hello?!"

"Hey Pat, I'm so glad you answered."

"Bree, how are you? Did you make it home safely? Did Creeves hurt you? Because if he did I'll make sure-"

"Can I please talk?" She sounded impatient.

"Oh I'm sorry Bree," I was way too exuberant, but just hearing her again made me feel so much better, "Creeves is smoking meth now. He's worse than ever before. Broke my arm."


"Badly, look I-"

That was when I heard a knock at my door, "Can you hold on just a second Bree?"

I sat my cell down on the kitchen counter and walked to the door, opening it, "Hello?"

"Hello, my name is Creeves Bryar. You are Patrick LeBlanc, no?"

"Y...Yes," I was tentative to answer. The news of him killing one of Bree's old boyfriends in the past made my grip on the door grow tighter with nerves, "May I come in?"

"Y...Yes." I moved away from the doorframe and Creeves slowly walked in, eying everything in my apartment. He saw the calendar still opened to June, with June 10th circled in pink pen. He read that as well as the note, "So you are engaged?"

"Oh. Yeah I am."

"She sounds like she wouldn't ever hurt you. Never ever go to another man, is that right?" He took a seat in one of the chairs and looked at me with a somewhat crazed expression, "I..I don't think so." I looked down at my feet to see Reese covering them, laying on the ground and whimpering with fear. Creeves continued, "My wife does that to me," He sadly explained, and I suddenly pitied him. That is, until he finished his statement, "But I bring her into line," And with that he punched his fists together, "The good old fashion way."

I clenched my jaw, "Maybe if you wouldn't beat her she'd be more willing to love you."

"Maybe I wouldn't beat her if she loved me!" Creeves roared. Things were going to turn out badly here. I glanced at the counter to see my phone, line still connected to Bree. Was she hearing all of this? I shook my head, "You're a sick, sick man Creeves. That's why she married you, "I sneered, "Out of fear."

"Oh really?" Creeves stood up and walked closer to me, soon right against my back. He placed a hand, cold, on my neck and intense fear flowed though me, "The real reason she married me," Creeves whispered and spat in my ear, "The real reason is because I said to her I'd kill you. Well her poor little heart couldn't bear the thought of you being dead. So she agreed." I was frozen. She agreed to marry Creeves....to save me?

"Bree," I moaned in agony. Why must she care so much?

"But you," Creeves was breathing down my neck, "You're not so lucky today. Bree's not here to save you this time."

And then there was searing pain slightly left of my right shoulder, "Holy mother of God!" I cried. This made Creeves laugh manically, "Holy mother of God indeed!" Creeves pushed the blade deeper into my flesh, hot blood running down my back, "Bree!" I cried, hoping she'd hear my over the phone.

"You will never speak her name ever again," Creeves finally pulled the knife out and I began falling, somehow managing to grab my cell in the process, landing on the ground with a wet flup. As Creeves was walking out the apartment, Reese barked at him, biting his ankles, "Damn animal," Creeves growled before giving Reese a rough kick in the stomach. The sound of Reese whimpering in pain was terrible, but the sound of Bree's fear was worse, "Pat! What happened?!"

"He...he got me Bree. I'm sorry." I was surprised how raspy my voice was.

"You will not die. I...I won't let you," There were tears in her voice, "You will live, and be married to Janel, and you will be happy."

"No Bree," I knew I had to say it. It was now or never, "I love you, Bree." Then, in fear of rejection and so she wouldn't have to hear my final moments, I hung up.

Well, this was the end. My sight was beginning to become fuzzy and I was debating whether I had a good life. As long as I told Bree how I feel for her, I felt it was ok to die.

It was about a half hour later and I was still concious, but I felt I was going. I felt my eyes beginning to shut, never to open again. The last thing I saw, though, was Bree, face full of panic, with paramedics right behind her.

The End

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