"Just Friends" part 9Mature

I immediatly felt chills, fascinating chills, down my back. He pulled me closer to him, only to break the kiss for a moment to lock eyes with me, "Bree, I-"

There was a knock at the door. From the sound of it I yelped and ran off, hiding in the food pantry. My head was still spinning from the kiss, but I still somehow managed.

"Bree, relax, it's only-"

"PATTY!!" I shuddered from the sound of Janel's voice. At least she was silent in high school, "Going to let me in soon?" She cried.

"Hold on sweetie," Pat cried back, before returning to me, "Just stay hidden ok?"

"Alright," I heard him walk away and I smiled evilly at the idea running through my head. It was time to get back at Pat for scaring me.

I stepped out of the pantry and just stood in the kitchen. waiting.

"So, I was thinking of a black dreess, you know, it'll make me look so sexy," Janel discussed with Pat. They were getting closer.

"Uhm, I think long white sleeves will look best on- Oh my god." They had turned the corner and Pat and Janel were both staring at me, "Who the hell is that?" Janel asked accusingly. Pat gave a frazzled expression, but I held my hand up, "Never fear Janel, for I am....Loise, your marriage/relationship counselor," The look Pat was giving me could kill many, but I continued, "I've noticed you two don't spend much time together. So, I am going to keep watch as Janel stays for the night."

"We don't need a counselor," Pat stated through gritted teeth, "I think you have the wrong-"

"What are you talking about Patty? It's a dream come true!" With that Janel jumped into Pat's arms. While she rejoiced he glared and flipped me the bird, "But wait, why are you in my fiance's clothing?" Janel asked, making it Pat's turn to laugh. Too bad I can think on my feet, "I'm wearing them to feel more at home here." Luckily, Janel wasn't intelligent enough to question further, "I'm going to primp myself up. Be back before you miss me," She gave him a quick peck on the cheek before slipping away. Pat gave me a sad face, "Why Bree? Why?"

I sniffed, "Next time, don't scare me."

"But Bree," Pat began whining, but I covered his mouth with my hand, "Relax Pat," I whispered in his ear, "Janel will also provide protection from Creeves. He doesn't think married people, except for me, would dare go against their beloved."

"But Bree, I don't want Janel," I shook my head and began walking away, but Pat took my hand and pulled me back, "Just hear me out, please," He begged with sad, tired eyes. I sensed the seriousness in him and began listening. He stood staring at his feet as I waited, "Well, you see...it's hard to explain...I...ugh can't talk now," Pat's face was now bright red, but I knew something was up. Maybe that kiss did mean something?

"I'm back my Patty," Janel sang, making Pat clam up again while I became Loise, "What ever did you say to Pat, Loise?" Janel giggled like a little schoolgirl and I felt my ears grimace from the sound. But I managed a smile, "Oh I was making Pat admit to all the things he's been wanting to do," I didn't notice the sad tone in my voice, "But he can't because you've yet to get married." The atmosphere was depressing as Pat and I were silent then and looking at our feet. Janel looked at the both of us, incredibly confused, "Well...uhm honey, I'm going to go get your favorite, Chinese. That ok?" She touched Pat's shoulder, and he turned to acknowledge her, "Oh of course. I'm going to practice some piano though."

"Alright. Loise, do you care to join?"

I shook my head, "Not much company. Sorry."

Janel's smiled twitched for a second, but returned quick enough that I barely noticed, "Alright, guess I'll be back soon then." Then Janel was out the door. Pat walked away to a different room and I just stood and stared at Reese, whom stared back at me. Once the staring got awkward I asked, "What?"

A piano resounded through the air of each room as Reese whined and licked the palm of my hand. I understood what Reese meant and groaned, "I know I should tell him how I feel, but what if he doesn't feel the same way?"

Reese looked at me a moment longer before barking once and running off to elsewhere in the apartment. I rolled my eyes, mentally beating myself for listening to an animal, and followed where Reese had taken off.

I walked down the apartment's short hallway before coming to a door that Reese was jumping on. I opened the door, Reese rushing inside with me following.

My jaw dropped once I walked in. The main wall was of all windows and showed me it was raining outside. The rest of the walls were a dark yet peaceful green, the floors made of rustic wood. And in the center was a piano, which Pat was playing. He was playing a rather solemn song as I looked at the rest of the room. The room was rather simplistic, with a couple of paintings (many some of my favorites) and potted plants (one being an orchid, my favorite), "Oh my God, this is gorgeous."

The sound of my voice made Pat's fingers halt on the keys, "You scared me Bree," He murmured.

I continued walking around the room, now listening to the rain patter on the windows, "This is beautiful."

"It's an extension to the apartment. Most of my money I've made has gone towards this," He paused and I turned to look at him, and he continued, "Never let Janel in here."

I walked over and sat beside him on the piano bench, "Why? This is beautiful."

Pat shrugged, "I feel that beautiful things should only be seen by people of beauty. And when I say that I mean the people that are beautiful on the outside and the in."

"And Janel is not that?"

"No, she tends to have the personality of a harpie...and she also doesn't look all that great either." I gasped and gave Pat a shove for insulting his fiancee, but then I turned myself to the piano, deciding to play the little thing I wrote myself. I figured there was something done to the room, some sort of sound stuff done to make the sound off the piano so loud. I still mananaged to hear Pat ask, "You play piano? Since when?"

I shrugged while continuing, "Had to have something to do when Creeves locked me up. He had a piano, and I began playing it. Though I of course could not play in front of him, or he'd push the piano out the window."

"Did you write that?" I nodded and played to the end of the song before getting up and looking out the windows in silence. The song, I knew, was written about the pain I've dealt with through the years of being married to Creeves, so it was rather sad on my part. I had written cheerful songs, but now I knew wasn't the time for it. I saw the reflection in the window and noticed that Pat was now standing behind me, "Was that written about Creeves?"

I crossed my arms across my chest, the movement I always do when in need of comfort, "My emotions at my ex's funeral to be exact. You know, the one that Creeves killed. I mean, I didn't love the guy, but afterwards he was like my best friend."

We were both silent, the only sound being the nighttime rain against the windows. Then Pat wordlessly pulled me into a hug and I broke down, "Pat...I'm sorry." I breathed through hysterics, "It's just...hard for me."

"It's ok Bree," Pat continued hugging me, kissing my forehead for comfort, "I'm not going to let him touch you ever again."

"That's....a pretty big...promise." We both laughed then, mine sounded much like a loud sob.

"Well I mean it. I'll keep you safe." And safe I did feel in his arms. In fact, I felt that being in Pat's arms was the best place in the world from now on.

The End

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