"Just Friends" part 7Mature

"You are not serious," I looked out the window to see Pat walking towards me with an axe. He laughed then shrugged, "Well I had to be prepared."

"This isn't jail. You didn't need to break metal bars. Just catch me when I jump out."

"Erm okay?" Pat nervously said. I quickly listened down the hall to make sure Creeves was still asleep.

Now the windows in the entirety of the house were small, much like the windows in basements: high up and quite tiny.

I had my work cut out. Nevertheless, I grabbed the ledge and managed to pull myself up. I then began snaking through the tiny exit. Thank the lord I was slender, "Okay Pat you ready?"

"not really, but okay." I tried to ignore his unsureness, "Well bombs away I guess." Then I crawled out the window and had gravity begin pulling me down. I tried hard to keep from screaming, thankfully succeeding in resisting. I landed in Pat's arms with a thud....and he fell to the ground with a thud.

"ugh I wasn't expecting that," He groaned. He still had his arms around me and I couldn't help but notice how comfortable I was there. And he was so warm and-

"Let's go before Creeves wakes up," Pat shakingly stated as he slowly crawled out from under me. I laughed, the emotion not reaching my eyes, "You're probably right," I stood up and dusted myself off, "So where's your taxi?"

"Right over here. Oh damn I forgot the meter is still running in the taxi. C'mon let's hurry. I only have twenty bucks," Pat then grabbed my hand to pull me along a little quicker. Sparks flew up along my arm  from the simple touch, but it was him: Patrick. So I allowed him to take me wherever he wanted, as long as his hand stayed in mine.

I was brought back to Earth by Pat, "Bree, Bree!" I blinked out of my trance. The first thing I noticed was how Pat still had a hold of my hand. The second was Pat asking, "You happen to have two dollars?"

"Oh I'm sorry Pat," I flushed, "I wasn't able to get anything. I was locked in a room."

"Oh...right," Pat leaned forward to say to the driver, "Look, can I run into my apartment quick to get you two dollars?"

The elderly cabbie just smiled, "It's quite alright young man."

"You sure? I can just run up and-"

"It's okay." Pat sat there for a moment yet, expecting the man to change his mind, but he didn't.

"C'mon Bree," Pat opened his door and pulled me along, almost protectively, all the way to his apartment.

As soon as the door opened Reese zoomed over and began jumping on me, "Reese no. Not now!" Pat growled. I merely laughed, "It's fine." I managed my way to the sofa and flopped onto it, Reese licking my face immediatly, "Reese! Please stop." Pat seemed to beg. Then, miraculously, Reese lost interest in me. "I'm so tired," I stated to the couch cushions.

"Then sleep. I'm not stopping you." I flipped over to my back to look at him, "If you haven't noticed I came with no suitcase. Therefore, I have no clothes."

"Oh! Oh God, how could I have not noticed," Pat slapped his face in embaressement, "Let me look for something." He rushed into his room and I heard the banging of drawers, Reese barking, and some swearing. But he soon emerged holding a pair of flannel pants and a random t-shirt, his pale skin making his blush extremely prominent, "I'm sorry, but it's all I got that I'd think would be close to fitting you."

I remembered how when we were both younger I somethimes asked to borrow articles of Pat's clothing for assorted reasons: Halloween or skits or other things like that. I discovered from that that my arms were actually longer than his, but his legs were slightly longer; he was taller than me then.

Now he was much taller than me, the pants bunching up at my ankles. Pat wasn't overweight, but his waist was still much wider than mine. I pulled the drawstrings tight, the pants were still loose. The shirt came to the middle of my thigh. I looked in the mirror and laughed at how I looked. I walked out of the bathroom to say, "Thses are honestly the closest to fitting me?"

Pat shrugged, "I had a growth spurt since high school." It was silent while Pat took in my full appearance. Then he began laughing, "What? What's so funny?"

"Nothing....It's just...you look so funny."

"Oh really?" I put my hands on my hips, "Want to run that by me again?"

He continued laughing, "Well you also look so tiny and adorable." With that I laughed along with him, but silently I was gushing over Pat calling me adorable.

"So you want to go to bed now?" Pat gestured to my couch, which he fitted with a blanket and pillow, "Oh thanks Pat." I fumbled over the pants, Pat chuckling as I went along. I turned around and glared at him before lying down, "Night."

"Night, oh and I'll be right in my room if you need me."


"C'mon Reese." Pat murmured. Then he walked away, Reese padding by his side.

I laid my head into the pillow and noticed immediatly how it smelled of him. It was an indescribable scent, but only one thought came to mind when I breathed in that scent: warm.

I had a feeling I was going to sleep well for the first time in a long long time.

The End

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