"Just Friends" part 6Mature

I awoke to the sound of someon's slight snoring in my ear. My heart skipped a beat when I took a breath and breathed in the distinct smell of Pat. I smiled to myself and turned around on the sofa, towards the snoring, to snuggle closer to the body next to me, which wrapped its arms instinctively around me. I stayed like this for a bit longer before the cogs and wheels in my head began figuring everything out. Then my eyes opened with a flash and I flew off the couch, "What the hell are you doing??" I shrieked loud and high enough to wake Pat up. He slowly sat up and rubbed his eyes, "Well I was sleeping."

"Oh yeah, sleeping with me! You're engaged for christ's sake!"

He then stood up, easily towering me, unlike our early teen years where I was taller by about an inch for only a year, "You shouldn't really be talking Bree when you are married and yet trying to divorce."

"You're not the one with the bruise from hell on their face." I yelled while pointing at it. Pat tried thinking of a comeback, but slumped when he knew I won, "I'm sorry, I just...wanted to keep you safe...is all..." Pat quietly murmured. I felt my false anger dimiss completly there and then and I laid my hand on his arm, "It's ok. I'm really glad you care so much." I gave him a slight smile, for a smile any bigger would make me wince, "Oh and how you're letting me stay in your apartment...for now."

"Of course." I bit my lip then and looked around Pat's apartment, "Look Patrick," I used his full name, something I only do when serious, "I think it's best that for your own safety that I leave....today. I don't want to, but if I stay any longer he'll track me down eventually." I saw Pat gulp in fright from the sound of Creeves finding him.

"So I think it's time for me to leave." I stated reluctantly. I thought the sound of sleeping with Pat another night sounded pretty great, and yet I wanted him safe. He sighed deeply then said, "I suppose you're right. You sure you'll be fine though?"

I put my sweatshirt back over my head, wincing when it brushed my bruise. I looked at the floor and debated his question, "No I won't be alright. But I'm used to it." I began walking to Pat's door, he opening it for me, "So I guess this is good-bye, for now of course."

Pat smiled, "Enjoy your time there. And remember that you're welcome here whenever."

I returned the smile, "Thanks Pat." I turned my back to him and began walking away, only for him to grab me by the arm and whisper, "Be careful." He then kissed me lightly on my good cheek, electricity seeming to shout from that spot to the rest of my body, leaving me in a short of state of shock, "Good-bye Patrick." And I reluctantly walked away.


I nervously walked up to our house's door, fearing what I was going to be greeted by. I took a deep breath and opened the door.

The first thing I was greeted by was the scent of a mixture of drugs. Pot, Crack, all of it. I walked into Creeves' study where he did most of his drugs, "Creeves," I was barely audible, "I'm home now." He had a rolled up twenty dollar bill in his hand and a tray of cocaine in the other. He grunted, "So you are. Where'd you go? Ex-boyfriend's?" He chuckled at this, knowing that he had killed my one ex, therefore causing it to be some joke to him. "I went to my cousin's," I lied.

He acknowledged my bruise, "That looks pretty bad....looks like I did my job great. Now you'll never steal my stash." He took a breath before snuffing some of the cocaine into his one nostril. "Don't count on that." I murmured, interuppting him in mid-snuf, "What?" He asked blantly.

"That stuffs bad for your health."

"Hmm..." Creeves began getting up out of his chair, "You want to know what else is unhealthy Bree?" He placed his hand on my lower back and lead me to the "unused room", tossing me inside, "Not eating is bad for your health." And with that Creeves locked me into this room.

All I had to do though was wait for him to fall asleep.

*       *       *

I could not believe I had just kissed Bree. Well it wasn't on the lips, but still. Ugh she probably hated it.

I didn't have any sort of jigs that day so I spent it sitting around in my boxers eating junk food, giving a chip or two to whining Reese every now and then. And every now and then I'd stuff my face into the couch where Bree slept, her scent still infused into the cushions. I laid like that for...well probably hours breathing in the lemony scent of Bree's....until my cellphone rang. I grumbled as I sat upright to answer my phone, "Hello?"

"Hey Pat, it's Bree." I could barely hear her over the phone, but it was really her, "Bree! Oh God what happened?"

"He locked me in a room in our house, can you come save me? I'm starving and I also really got to pee." I laughed from her statement before saying, "Of course. Just tell me how to get there and I'll be on my way." So Bree gave me instructions to get to their house before I flagged down a taxi. The driver probably though I was a pretty strange looking guy, holding an ax, towl, and step ladder. Towards the end of the ride he asked me what I was doing. I simply respondec, "I'm saving a woman from somewhere worse than jail."

The End

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