"Just Friends" Part 5Mature

I don't know why, because this was about Creeves, but I found myself watching soap operas and eating lots of ice cream with M+M's in it. Perhaps it was because I was trying to avoid the pain from the newest bruise i had received from him. But Jared was finally admitting to Cecilia that he killed Fredrich to have her for himself when I heard Pat saying loudly, "So Janel, let's go into my apartment now." I froze in mid-bite at that statement. "Oh, and we're going to take a long time too." I let out a small yelp before shutting the television off and looked for somewhere to hide, deciding on picking under the bed. I crawled under there completly just in time before I heard the sound of the door opening and Reese jumping. He had finally gotten uninterested in me. "So is that why you were acting so funny honey? you wanted to make out with me?" I heard Janel asking. I had to cover my gag in disgust while also feeling the jealously reach me. "No...uh...want something to eat?" I heard Pat nervously ask. Ugh, he didn't do well under pressure. But thankfully I heard Janel say yes and they walked into the kitchen from my guess. Everything was fine until I heard, "Patty you unthoughtful man. You left ice cream out of your
freezer." I suddenly felt the atmosphere in the air change dramactically as Pat froze, thinking of some sort of explanation.
"That's funny, it's still cold."

 "Well, it is kinda cold in my apartment. I'll get on that now." I heard the freezer open and reclose followed by Pat walking away. Meanwhile, Janel was walking into what was known as Pat's bedroom. Aka, my hiding spot. "Ok, I took care of the
temp...Janel where are you?" Pat asked. Although he meant the question playful, I could hear the hint of paranoia in his  voice. "I'm in here." Janel sat on the bed, making the springs creak. More creaking told me Pat joined her. "So what are you doing here in my room?"

 "well, I thought if I convinced you enough...."

 "Janel what have i already told you. Not until we're married." He responded. I smiled to myself. Pat was using a great tactic here for now.
 Then, Reese trotted into the room, sniffed the air a bit, and began crawling under the bed after me. "What is your dog doing?" Janel curiously asked.

 "I wouldn't know." Pat lied. I tried shoving Reese away, but he only growled and kept coming for me. "No, go that way," I hissed.
 "did I hear someone under there?" I heard Janel ask.

     *   *   *

 "Uhh...uhhh." Crap, if Janel found Bree here what would see do? So I did the unthinkible and grabbed Janel and began passionatly kissing her, fearing if she wondered if he let her win.

     *   *   *

 Ugh, is it me or did Pat begin kissing Janel? I crossed my eyes comically at Reese, who stopped spazzing now, and stuck my tongue out in digust. It was then that I found out crossing my eyes hurt. I moaned for a second in pain before realizing that this was my chance to escape. i crawled out from underneath the bed, shoving Reese out of the way in the process. I took one look over where Pat and Janel were and immidiatly wished I didn't. It was too distubing to watch and made me feel a little jealous of her. Pat opened his eyes for a moment to see me standing there. I knew that he wanted to stop asap so i knew I had better leave. I walked into his closet and closed the door behind me. As soon as the door was closed behind me I heard Pat ending the kiss with Janel. "Alright Janel, I think it's time for you to go,"
 "Wha?" She dazily asked. Pat was escorting her out the door, "I said that it's time for you to go home now. You do know how to get there right?"

 "I think so."

 "Then go on over there." And Pat gently shoved her out the door. As soon as she was gone far enough he rushed back and opened the closet where I was still hiding. "Alright, now let's take care of that bruise."

 "Relax, Pat I'm fine."

 "Have you looked in a mirror lately? Your entire side of your face is black and blue."

 "Really?" I tentavily touched my face, wincing at the pain it caused. I shook my head then, "i've been through worse."

 "He's done more to you?"

 "Naturally. Pat, he's someone that killed my ex-boyfriend." I just stood there agape at how calmly Bree discussed this matter. "Well...Do you think he knows where you are now?"
Bree fiddled with her huge sweatshirt, "No, he'd go to all my exes houses first. To him you're just an old friend of mine that happens to be a guy. Plus he doesn't know where you live."
 I breathed a sigh of relief at the sound of that, "Now let me look at that bruise. Some bones could be broken." She rolled her eyes, causing her to wince and I laughed, "That's what you get." I placed my hand gently on her cheek to see about any broken bones. Her skin, though mottled in color from the bruise, was so soft. I watched her close her big blue eyes and I took my hand away, "Is something wrong? Did I hurt you?"

 "No nothing is wrong."

 "Do you need anything? Food? A drink?"

 "Can I sleep?"
 "Sure sure, uhm well you know where my bed is-" Bree shook her head, eyes still full hurt from Colin. Even though she doesn't love him, it still stings either way, "I don't want you to give up your bed," She grabbed the blanket from my laundry basket and scuffled to the sofa, falling onto it and putting the blanket over her, "You sure you'll be fine here? I mean my bed's probably more comfortable and stuff."

 "No I promise you I'll be ok here."

 "Okay," I whistled for Reese, who came trotting to my heels, tongue lolling out of his mouth, "C'mon it's bedtime buddy."

 "Wait Pat." I quickly turned myself around, expecting her to want my bed now, "Could...could you stay out here for a bit? Until I get to sleep?"

 "Of course." I walked back out and sat on the ground, leaning my back against the sofa
and turned on the tv, "Do you mind if I have this on?" I asked her. She shook her head, "Thanks for staying out here though." She smiled half-heartedly, then curling up under the covers of the
makeshift bed she made.

 I recalled the times that she would come over when we were younger and sometimes she fell asleep on accident, being completly embaressed by it and saying sorry all the time. I always loved that though. It gave me a chance to study her face as long as I want.

So here I was again, trying to take every detail to heart of her face, minus the terrible bruise. It made me so p***ed knowing that Creeves would hit her.

Bree began snoring at that point. It was funny because she'd take a breath only to then wince. I chuckled then got a better look at the bruise. He obviously hit her with something, an outline somewhat noticeable of some sort of object.

I felt the sudden urge then to wrap my arms around Bree just so she knows she's safe from him. Safe from the world, in my arms. I wouldn't let anything happen to her....ever.

And you know what? For the first time I decided to follow an urge. I got up off the ground and laid on the sofa, wrapping my arms around sleeping Bree.

And hopefully she knows now that she's safe.

The End

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