"Just Friends" Part 4Mature

A couple of nights later I was rushing through my apartment, running over Reese repeatedly and Janel calling over and over. I was going to run late for my next preformance. I sprinted out of my apartment still tying my tie only to run into someone wandering, seeming lost. Whoever it was was wearing a big sweatshirt. "Oh, I'm sorry." This person said with a very familiar voice. "Bree?" I asked. I saw one eye peek out the hoodie at me, "Oh it's you Pat. I was trying to find your place because...well..." And she took her hood off and faced me and I gasped. Her one eye was puffy, with black and blue rimming it. "Wha-what happened?"

 "Creeves didn't get his stash. That's what happened. He insisted that I stole it and when I wouldn't find it for him he punched me." I reached out and gently touched the obvious damage, running my fingertips down her cheek, where the bruise continued. She flinched at the touch and took hold of my hand while asking quietly, "Can I stay here?" i was taken aback by this question and I had to shake my head first in disbelief before answering, "Of course. But I need to go now or I'll be really late. Here's a key. And don't answer the phone. It would probably be Janel." As soon as I said this my cellphone rang, "Speak of the devil...Hello? Janel, relax I'll be there in a bit...five minutes. Yeah, yeah. Bye." I snapped my cellphone
shut and stared at Bree for a bit. She looked pretty freaked out, like she wasn't suppose to be here. "Ok, I gotta go. Will you be alright on your own?"

 "Yeah." She hoarsely answered. And she turned and opened my apartment without any difficulty and I ran outside and easily flagged down a taxi.


 "Where have you been dear? They're all waiting for you...impatiently by now."

 "Sorry, something...important came up."

 "More important then the future of your career?" Janel asked. Yes, I thought. Bruised and broken Bree is more important. Janel rolled her eyes when I didn't answer and said, "Well at least you look amazing. Blow them away." She gave me a peck on the lips and walked away. I sat down at the piano, cracked my fingers, then let all my pent-up anger towards Creeves all out in the song I made-up right on the spot.

 As soon as I finished the audition I got up and began leaving almost immidialty, but Janel stopped me, "Where are you going in such a hurry?"

 "Home. I...forgot to feed Reese."

 "Well, I'll come with-"

 "No!" I shouted. Janel stared at me, along with a couple other people around us, "Honey, relax. There's nothing wrong with me coming to your home. Although, I might get a little too...flirty." And then Janel walked to a taxi and I sighed, then getting into the taxi along with her. I was going to have to think of a plan fast.


 As we were walking up the stairs I began praying that Bree had some sort of intuition that we were coming and she
already hid. Just in case that didn't happen, which was probably the case, I said loudly, "So Janel, let's go into my
apartment now."

 "What are you doing Pat? You're acting a little strange here."

 "Oh and we're going to take a long time too." I couldn't believe what i did next, but I began making out with Janel,
hoping that Bree heard me and was hiding right now as I snogged.

The End

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