"Just Friends" Part 3Mature

I walked into my dark apartment getting the feeling that someone was there, besides my dog. i flipped the light
switch to see Janel laying on my sofa in the most modest linguere I had ever seen. Making a comparision to what most linguere
in Victoria Secret's, this outfit was like footsie pajamas. "Hey!" She said in the most seductive tone possible, which wasn't.
I quickly came up with a story, "I'm sorry Janel. I really want to, but I'm too tired tonight. And besides, you know how I
feel about those things."

 "i know, I know. You enjoy waiting until after we are married. I thought that I might as well try and talk your mind
out of that." She came up to me from behind and wrapped her arms around my waist, "Can I sleep here tonight?"

 "You know how I feel about that too. Please don't make me change my mind Janel."
 "Fine," She pouted as she walked back over to the couch to gather her things, "But don't say I didn't offer me to
you." the door slammed shut. "Trust me Janel. you've offered way too much of yourself." I answered. i sighed and sat on my
couch along with Reese, my dog, and watched television.

Every now and then I would look at my cell-phone sitting on the
counter. I continued this until I saw out of the corner of my eye that Reese was watching, "What?" I stared as Reese hung
his head down as if he was ashamed of me, "i want to watch this, ok?" He stared at me, followed by turning his head towards
my phone. "Ugh, you're right. I do want to call her...so bad," I got up off the sofa and picked my phone up off the counter.
"you are too human to be a dog do you know that?" i asked Reese. I dialed the number. On the other line I heard the sounds
of sniffling from someone crying. "Do I have the right number? Hello?"

 "Oh, sorry. Hey, Pat."

 "What wrong? you sound like you're crying."

 "i was just being a klutz and ran into something. Still hurts." I then heard swearing, lots of it. And knowing that
Bree wasn't big on the swearing I asked, "Was that Creeves?"

 "Oh, you heard that? Yeah, he's unhappy that he can't find his stash. When honestly, i hid it."

 "Wait, stash as in drugs?"

 "Yep. That's what he was doing tonight. Buying some drugs from some guys."

 "And why is he taking drugs?"

 "i don't really know. it's not me because he did it before me. but I'm trying to help him stop. Although I'm not sure
why I do that, but I do. I care too much."

 "Yeah, i remember you saying that all the time."

 "And that's why I'm married to him, and trying to get him to want to divorce with me too." it was silent between us
except for the sound of Creeves swearing in the background. Then I  broke the silence by asking, "So...do you think you'll be
able to come to another bar that I'll be playing at...without Creeves."

 "Well...sure...I'll try," That was when I heard the swearing come closer followed by Creeves saying, "Who are you
talking to?" Followed by Bree saying, "Sorry wrong number." and she hung up. I slowly set my phone to the counter and
smiled. She'd try. I sighed happily and flopped on my bed, still wearing my full tux.

The End

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