"Just Friends" Part 2Mature

 I was playing a song on Saturday when I looked up and saw Bree walk in. She was wearing a gorgeous  dark green long sleeved dress; even though it covered too much of her for my taste. I was guessing it was Creeves next to her, with his depressing stare and large mole on his neck. They sat down, only for Creeves to get up shortly after. I got up walked to the bar, sitting in Creeves' seat, "So you did come after all?" She flipped her head towards me, "Of course. I've missed my old friends. You can imagine how strict Creeves is. i mean, you should have seen him when I told him how I met you in Wal-Mart." Bree kept glancing at the door that Creeves walked through. "Are you okay. You seem a little edgy?"

 "I don't think Creeves would appreciate seeing you here."

 "Who cares." I waved to the bartender for two drinks.

 "So when's the wedding?" Bree asked as she took a sip of her drink.

 "What wedding?...Oh, the one with Janel?"

 "No idiot, the one with me." Bree sarcastically stated. I wished it wasn't sarcasm at all.

 "i think we decided in two or three months. It's not going to be something incredibly serious. Just us getting
eloped on a tropical beach."

 "Sounds pretty fancy for someone that you got engaged with while drunk."

 "Well I also feel sorry for her and all. But what's with you wanting to divorce with Creeves?" Bree swirled her drink around, looked over towards the doorway that Creeves entered and answered, "You thought he might have been bad in high school? Just imagine being married to him," She got close to me before whispering, "Did you know that one of my ex-boyfriends is dead because he was afraid of me cheating on him with the guy."

 "Dead," i choked.

 "Yeah, that's why I'm afraid of him seeing you here talking to me. He wouldn't be very happy. Especially because he's already mad at me."

 "For what?"

 "Firstly, he caught me with some random guy the other night. You know, me trying to get divorced and all. And second, the fact that I found you after all these years. I've missed talking to friends...especially you."

 "Wow! He won't let you talk to anyone?"

 "Not even Kella. But then again, if you think about the things I've done to get divorced, well..."

 "I can only imagine what you might have done." I rolled my eyes. I watched as Bree looked back at the doorway, then looked to me, following her eyes to the dance floor, "You know what I think we should do..."

 "Leave before anyone gets any ideas." A monotone voice said behind us. We turned around to see Creeves standing, "How dare you treat our marriage like this."

 "What?! Creeves darling just because I'm talking to an old friend of mine doesn't mean I'm going to sleep with him. you're overreacting." Bree explained calmly. Too bad she didn't know that I wanted to sleep with her. Creeves appeared to be at war with her statement. "C'mon, let's go home." Bree got up and held Creeves' hand while pulling him to the door. As they were walking out Brooke turned around and put a hand-phone up to her ear, a sign for me to call her.

The End

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