"Just Friends"Mature

Thank God I have finally gotten away from her. Of course it was to run some errands, but as long as I'm away from Janel I'll be fine. Now I was randomly strolling through the aisles of Wal-Mart. That's when I saw someone strangely familiar. She had blonde hair and big blue eyes. This person turned to face me and chills ran down my back. It seemed like she knew me somehow too. She slowly walked up to me, "Patrick?" She asked. As soon as heard her voice I realized who it was. "Bree. It is you."

 "Oh my God. I haven't seen you since high school."

 "I know. How is your life doing? What do you do for a living?"

 "I'm a wildlife photographer." I could have seen that, being how tan she was. it wasn't one of those annoying tans that seemed to insult people like me who can't tan, just a nice deep natural. That's when I noticed the ring on her finger and my throat seemed to close up. "You're married?" She sighed, "I'm trying to get divorced.
What about you?" She nodded towards my hand with my fabulous band on. "Oh well, we're engaged."

 "Who's the lucky girl?" Bree asked.

 "Oh she's lucky I was drunk that night. It's Janel."

 "Janel remember? Janel Canap. Complete Avatar nut." Bree covered her mouth in amazement, "You're joking."

 "Nope. I was drunk in a bar when she came up. Then the next morning I found myself at her house with this
band on."


 "Who is it that you're with?"

 "Umm..." She looked away from me and mumbled, "Creeves Hadton."

 "And you were making fun of me?"

 "Yeah, but you hated her. I was at least nice to Creeves."

 "And yet you're trying to get divorced?"

 "Yeah. Just doing wild things to irk him." It was quiet for a bit. Then Bree asked, "So what do you do?"

 "Play piano at places. Restuarants." I saw something spark in her eye, "Where are you playing?"

 "At this one expensive bar. Yeah, bars can be expensive. It's amazing. You should come and see."

 "I'll ask Creeves. We'll try and see you."

 "Alright. Nice seeing you again Bree." I turned down the aisle with my empty cart. Little did I know that four lives would be completly changed from this one fateful meeting.

The End

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