Just forget the world #4

June 24th. 

Julia waited at the taxi stand. AJ offered to pick her up on the way to a meeting. She felt he didn't have to, but relented after he brought it up again before they parted ways at the airport last night. She was still getting used to AJ's newfound kindness. She wondered if he realized that he was stepping into extra nice guy territory, not that she was complaining.

"So, did you see your new nephew?" He asked as they drove past the morning traffic. "He was so tiny!" She gestured with her arms. "Right? You saw all those wrinkly skin? Soon you'll have a fat baby." His eyes lit up as he recounted his experience with his seven-month-old. 

By now AJ and Julia were a well-oiled team. They got what they wanted and the meeting was over in an hour. They drove out of the building and got back on the road. "So, where shall I drop you?" He asked as the lights turned. "Uh, you can drop me near my place on the way to the office." It was her day off.

A slow version of Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars was playing on his stereo. She listened closely to the soothing sounds of violins and cellos. "Would you lie with me and just forget the world." She got lost in her thoughts.

"Julia, you gotta tell me where to go." AJ's voice brought her back to present. "Oh sorry, um, you can just stop after the lights and I'll walk home, it's not that far." She got off at the side of the road and thanked him with a smile. "Have a nice day, Julia, see you later." He smiled as he waved her good bye and drove away.

The End

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