Duck and the Runaway

"Well, what to do with the rest of this day?"  Duck always believed that a day ought to be filled with intentional casualness.  Michael could get by bumbling from from disaster to disaster, but Duck had a more definite pattern to his life. 

"What to do next?" 

Well,life was quick to give him an answer.   At the end of a wild scramble, round and round a tree trunk, out flew two squirrels, right across his path.  Duck was startled, that was the only possible explanation for why Duck didn't reach out and snag one.  Like a dog chasing his tail, these two noisy furr-balls were chasing each other, almost begging for Duck to give chase.  "I hate squirrels!" Duck thought, "Just undersized rats with a bad case of the cute." "By the way," Duck paused for an insightful consideration, "Why do people like Michael, feed squirrels yet hide their food from rats?"

Duck did realize that were good for one thing, chasing up trees.  So Duck took a deep breath, flexed his claws, and went to work.  Duck had never caught a squirrel, so he had never really planned what to do if he ever did catch one.  Well, anyway, Duck scattered the squirrels, who now recognizing their common enemy, instinctively split up.  A good strategy, but Duck had seen this trick before.  He knew tp pick one and let the other one go.  Around a sign that had a gross picture of a dog doing his thing, through one of those wheel things that Michael would get on and ride, over a bench. and then up two steps and into a big shiny house with a long sign on the side and plenty smelly smoke coming out of it.  Duck was hustling and it was a good thing for the door on that house closed right behind him.  He looked around and saw plenty of people feet but no squirrel.  Suddenly everything started jerking and whining and Duck thought, "Lord, what now?"

Duck checked the door but no way out there.  So he started down a long hallway, Michael and Grammar types on both sides.  Some hiding their faces big sheets of paper; some staring out the windows; some having nothing better to do that to watch Duck with his straight-up tail making his way to the far side of this rocking and rolling house.

The End

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