Chapter Eight: Driven By Heartbeat


Something. Something in me sparked as I finally learned to drive the car. It was an amazing feeling. The thrill, the bliss. It felt as if I was flying somewhere in limbo. I wasn’t dead- no, I felt so alive, it was almost as if I wasn’t living. It was too alive.

            I’ve always believed that my life would change someday. But I never, in my right mind, thought that it would be here. Here, in this abandoned factory, with my twin sister I never knew about, and a bunch of her friends- a bunch of criminals. Plus, a man who I may just like. As you know, a love interest.

            Rounding a tight turn, my mind wonders to what my life would be like if I grew up knowing Jerry. For one, she would be a whole lot nicer to me. I would have known her, and we would have done everything together. It would be amazing. We would be actual sisters.

            Also, Jerry probably wouldn’t be running around with a bunch of criminals working for druggies and stealing things. We would be looking out for each other. We would be family. She would have my back, and I would have hers.

            But yet, would I have ever met Jeo? Probably not. And even though I denied him, I couldn’t shake the feelings that I was slowly starting to gain away. The feeling that I too, have known him for a long time. It was a nice feeling.

            So where would I be right now in life if everything had gone by plan? Or if I wanted to flip what I was thinking before: what would happen if I had never met Jerry? If I went through my whole life thinking that I was an only child, that I had no siblings. If I didn’t know that I had a twin.

            I was never a firm believer in anything before this, honestly. Though now, I feel as though I’ve believed in things for a long, long time. Now, I believe in the fact that everything happens for a reason. This thing- this happened to me for a specific reason. I may not know the reason yet, but sometime in the future, things will happen and I’ll look back on how I got to that place.

            But first, I’m just going to drive.


            Jeo had taught me how to drive the Miclaran. It was easy. The stick shift was the hardest thing to tackle, and I think I did it well. Honestly. After a couple hours of Jeo driving around with me in the passenger seat, and then me driving with him in the passenger seat, I was ready to go about it myself.

            Starting at the beginning, I revved the engine. I have come to like the sound, honestly. It’s just a great sound I believe. Jeo came out to the middle, in front of my car, putting his hands up and looking around to make sure that no one was on the track so I wouldn’t run over them. Probably a good idea, knowing me.

            When he is done looking around, he backs up a little, and then moves to the side. I grab the steering wheel hard, my knuckles turning white against the black leather. Bringing his hand all the way up, he swings it down fast. My signal to go.

            Pushing the gas pedal, I lurch forward, and then stop. Jeo makes a face at me, stalking over to my window.

            “What’s wrong now?” He asks me.

            “I don’t know!”

            “Is the parking brake still on?”

            “You put the parking brake on?”

            His face twists into a scowl. “Duh.”

            “Oh.” My face flames up as I take the parking break off. “Thanks.”

            “Your welcome. Just drive.” He says, rather irritably may I add.

            “Yes sir.”

            Finally, I push the gas pedal hard, lurching forward and this time, not stopping. Everything was a blur to me, and I found myself panicking at some parts. Driving around the twists and turns, I find myself gaining more control over the car. That is until I saw the other car coming right at me.

            Ignoring the track lines, a lime green Ferrari comes at me head on, making me reconsider ever getting into this car. I highly doubted that they would run into me, but that was before they were about three yards from me and still coming.

            Twisting the steering wheel to the left, the car’s wheels squeal as they try hard to turn without flipping the car over. I come to a halt, my forehead sticky with sweat. Looking out the window, I see the car coming at me again. What was this? Was Jeo messing with me? Were they really going to kill me?

            Just as the car came hurtling to me, I jerked my steering wheel to the left while hitting the gas to go backwards. The car swung back, and the Ferrari came to a halt, the engine revving.

            I got out of the car, climbing out carefully. I didn’t want to get run over. Walking over to the other car, just as carefully, I was surprised to find that there was no one in it. No sign of life other than the car being on, the engine still churning.


            “What the-”

            “Don’t. Move.” Came a feminine voice from behind me.

            I didn’t move, I was pretty sure what that click was.

            “What’s going on?” I whispered.

            “You wish you knew.” The girl said.

            I sighed as I felt the gun pressed tighter to my neck. “Okay, seriously.”

            Another click. The safety getting turned off. “Okay, I’m sick of this.” I mutter.

            “Wha-” But whoever it was didn’t get a chance to say anything else. Grabbing my hands in one another so that both elbows stuck out, I whipped my right elbow around, nailing the girl in the face.

            “Whoa-” I didn’t think I could do that.

            The girl landed on the ground with a bang, and I stood there, not really knowing what to do next.

            “Uh-” I began stupidly.

            Looking around the room, I saw no one in sight. It seemed as though everyone was somewhere else, leaving me with the people who seemed like they want to kill me.

            The girl who was knocked out looked like the girl I saw before, the one with the dark hair. Her nose was bleeding, but I didn’t really care. She was the one who was about to shoot me.

            Beginning to walk away stealthily, not wanting to disturb anything else, I heard the rumble of an engine starting, but I didn’t think anything of it.

            Stupid, stupid move.

            “Sydney!” I heard someone call. I looked over to see Jeo pointing behind me. I looked, only to discover that the car that I thought was okay to turn my back on, revving it’s engine and facing me.

            My eyes widen in fear as I turn back to run the other way. As I do so, the car lurches forward, gaining on me by every inch. Suddenly, I got an idea.

            Coming to a quick stop, I drop to my knees and bend all the way backwards- just as the car hit where I was. Luckily, all I could see was the underside of it as it drove over me and beyond.

            I lay where I was for a few more minutes. That was a close call, I will admit. But who was driving?

            Slowly getting to my feet, I stretch, getting all the kinks out of my muscles.

            “Why the hell would you do that?” I heard Jeo yell. Turning around, I see him and the one person who shouldn’t try to kill me arguing.

            “Why wouldn’t I?” She yells at him loudly.

            “She’s your sister!”

            “No she’s not! I’ve told you a million times, just get it through your head! She will never be my sister!”

            “Jerry, what’s your problem?” Jeo yells, his voice getting really loud.

            “I don’t have a problem! And if it was, it would be her!” She pointed to me.

            “She isn’t a problem though Jerry! You didn’t have to put her in this situation. Killing her isn’t going to solve anything. And what the hell is up with these mood swings? You weren’t planning to kill her earlier!”

Jerry walks up to Jeo, and slaps him, hard, before turning around and walking the other way, up the ramp, and to the outside world.

I never knew Jerry before two days ago. So why would she treat me like this?

And more importantly, why would I care?

The End

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