Chapter six: Driven By Motive

Chapter Six

Driven By Motive

During these times, I seriously have to think about how I’ve run my life. Maybe, if I wasn’t a stuck in the mud, I wouldn’t be put in this situation.

            The situation of cooking dirty food over a small fire with delinquents.

            Excuse me, Jerry’s ‘friends’. Including Jeo, who scares the hell out of me every time he looks at me. He seems like he defiantly has the power to kill me.

            We’ve been sitting around a small fire for over three hours now, just sitting and roasting hot dogs that spilled on the dirty ground, leaving twigs and little flecks of dirt on the disgusting meat. I don’t usually eat hotdogs, so this was just another kink in my screwed up day. Actually, day in a half. Though it has felt as if it has been a year.

            I mean, when you get knocked out by some random person, thrown in jail, and you find out that you have a twin sister, one who apparently hates you, and then you break out of jail and have the whole police force shooting at you, and then your run down, and judged by your newly found twin sister, your life is kinda harsh.

           My lifeis kinda harsh.

            “So what are we planning on doing later? Like, what’s our next job?” A man with a white beard and black beady eyes asks Jerry.

            She turns to look at him, taking a bite of the burnt hotdog that was still on the stick. “We had an offer from the usual dealer to bring in some drugs. The only problem is we need to get the cars they want with them. We have a list. They’re giving us until three tomorrow to say we’ll do it, and if we accept we get a great deal of money.” The man’s eyes sparkle mischievously.

            “How much money?” The man asked.

            “Three million.”

            “How long do we have to do it?”

            “One week.” Jerry finishes her hotdog, setting the stick across her knees.

            “That’s not a long time.” I piped up, but then quickly shrunk down into the ground, wanting to be invisible.

            Jeo looks at me. His smirk widens. He looks around twenty something- seven. A little older than I am. “It isn’t. To you.”

            I make a face at him, looking back to my lap. Jerry nudges me, giving me a dirty look. Every time I put myself out there with this crowd, she gives me that look.

            “What are we going to do with her?” The bearded man waves to me.

            “I don’t know. Kill her?” Jep asks.

            “No!We arenotfreaking killing me! Kill someone else! I never asked for this! The other night, I was with my best friend, which I should call by the way, he’s probably freaking out, and then I’mknocked out!And then what? I discover I have a twin sister, one who treats me likecrap.And- you know what? I just had this conversation in my head a couple minutes ago. I’m not having it again.” My arms cross over my chest, my mouth pouts.

            “Kill her.” The bearded man says.

            I roll my eyes, getting up and going over to one of the trees a couple yards away from the fire. I don’t want to be near any of them.

            Sitting down, I bite my lip, trying not to cry. I never wanted this, I never asked for it. So why would I go through this? Push myself to these limits? Why wouldn’t I just say no, and if they don’t let me back out, why couldn’t I have just escaped? I was able to escape out of jail, so why couldn’t I have done it now?

            Sighing, I bring my legs to my chest, resting my chin on my knees and closing my eyes, rocking back and forth.

            “You know, you look like a mental person.” Came a voice. Opening my eyes, I see Jeo.

            “What are you doing here?”

            “I was bored with my stupid groupies.” He says, smiling.

            I chuckle. “Yourgroupies?”

            “That’s what I said.” He flicks my nose.

            I sigh again. “So are they really going to kill me?”

            “No!” He laughs. “They’re just pulling your leg.” He puts his hand on my knee, shaking it a little. I look at him, taking him in.

            He has dark hair- almost black- and green eyes. His mouth is full and a little bit droopy, and his arms are muscular. He’s wearing a black fitted shirt, showing off his obvious stomach muscles. His legs are covered with dark jeans, and his feet wore black combat boots. He was an overall bad-boy, and he was attractive. It’s just I didn’t think I would like a criminal. No matter how attractive they could be.

            “Do you have a cell phone?” I ask suddenly.

            “Yeah, why?”

            “Can I use it? I have to call my friend.”

            “You can, but I have to listen to you and type the number in. If I don’t, the others will kill me.” His face twisted into a sympathetic grimace.

            “That’s fine.” I smile, excited.

            Jeo takes out his phone, flipping it open, and looks at me. “So what’s the number?”


            “Got it, here you go.” He smiles politely at me.

            I take the phone in my hand, putting it up to my ear and listening to the ringing.





            “Hello, the very handsome and wonderful Tony Maze here! What can I do for you person who is calling me?”

            I laugh. “What are you talking about Tony?” I laugh. “Do you always answer like this?”

            “Sydney?!”He asked, his voice raising a few notches.


            “Sydney!Howare you?!What’s happening? You are all over the news! And how come you never told me you had a twin? Andwhere are you?!You’ve had me so worried hun! Seriously, come home. Granted, you may be arrested, so maybe not, but still. I need you! And-”



            “I’m okay! Take a chill pill! There was just some complications, but I’ll be back later.”

            “How much later?”

            “Like, a lot later.” Next to me, Jeo smiles.

            “Sydney-” Tony’s voice is monotone.

            “Tony, I don’t know! Okay? Complications are complications. I can’t tell you more than that.”

            “Fine. I understand. You can’t tell me anything. Whatever.”

            “Tony- it’s not like that.”

            “I’m kidding Syd. Chillax.”

            “Yeah, well I’m tired of being kid with. I think people really mean it you know. I actually think that the people will kill me. Except for now. Now I know they were kidding. So don’t kid with me, got it?” My voice was hard toward the end.

            “Got it sergeant.”

            “Whatever. Bye idiot. Talk to you later-If I can.”

            “Yup. Bye.”

            I shut the phone, handing it back to Jeo. “Thanks.”

            “No problem.”


“So what’s up with your sister and you?” He asked, smirking.

“I don’t know.” I sigh. “I didn’t even know she existed. Never been told about her. But I feel bad, though she won’t accept that. She just wants to have her pity party and make my life a living hell. I really want to actually live my life, you know? Not die.”

            “Well, that’s understandable. In her eyes I mean. Your family did leave her. It doesn’t matter what happened in actuality. It’s not something that someone can just forgive, even if it wasn’t your fault.”

            “I know, but it’s still upsetting. I just don’t want to do anything to hurt her further, but since I never really knew her, I don’t really know what will actually hurt her. I don’t want to do that.” I feel my eyes tear up, but I ignore it. It doesn’t really matter.

            “She’s just broken- it doesn’t matter what anyone says to her. She’ll always be broken, there will always be that little piece of her that will be broken. For awhile. It’s just her personality. She’ll be fine after awhile. Even though it may seem as if she hates you, I can honestly say I know that she cares about you. You mean so much to her, you just don’t even know.”

            “But how do you know?”

            “Because I know. Just trust me.”

            He looks at me, his green eyes sparkling into mine. Something erupts in my stomach, but I just don’t think of it.

            “Thank you.” I tell him, smiling a little. He doesn’t even know how much his words mean to me.

            “For what?” He chuckles.

            “For telling me that. I needed that.”

            He takes my hand, cradling it in his lap.

            “Your welcome.”



The End

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