Chapter Five: Driven By Water

Chapter Five


"Je-Jerry." I manage to puff out as we run.      

"Keep up!" She calls back, not even slowing her pace.

"Jerry! I'm dying!" I yell, trying again.

Jerry stops abruptly, turning to look at me as I run into her, pushing her over. We land on the ground with a crash, the dewy grass cold beneath my shirt. Jerry cried out as we fell, clearly mad, and I worry about what will happen to me.

"Sydney-" she warns me. I look at her, seeing her narrowed eyes and her red hair splayed around her face.

"I'm sorry!" I tell her, throwing my hands up as I roll off her onto the cold wet grass.

She stands up, growling at me as I steadily stand up too, on my guard.

"Do that again, and I will kill you." She warns me, turning around.

"I'm your sister though. Your twin sister. Would you really kill me? It would be like killing yourself!" I ask her, challenging her to the max. I know, stupid. Challenging the one person who probably would kill me if she really wanted to?

She turns on her heel, walking to me slowly. She stops right in front of me, poking me in the chest. "You. You are not my sister. I just met you for the first time. You left me, alone, as well as mom and dad. None of you cared for me. So don't pretend you do now. So no, I would be able to kill you right here and right now, and turn right around and walk away with absolutely no thought of turning around. No sadness. Don't. Tempt. Me." She warns.

For some reason, I felt the need to get defensive. "Have you ever killed anyone before?" I ask her.

Joey looks at me, her brown eyes widening a little. I don't doubt that she has, with the look she gave, but I stood there, on my guard. She then turns without a word, and begins to walk, which turns into a run. I watch her for a little bit, and then began to run myself.



I don't know where we're going, or what's going on. All I know is that we are on a continuous car ride.

After running for four hours strait with only the promise of water keeping me alive, we got back in the car. We've been driving for the last twelve hours. Non-stop. I'd almost rather be running. Almost.

"Where are we going?" I ask her sleepily.

"To see friends." She tells me back.

"Oh." I say, lost for words. "Who are these friends?"

"They're friends of mine. You  probably won't like them because your such a baby." She rolls her eyes, but even through my sleepy grogginess, I can see her smile. I smile too, but when she looks at me, I quickly hide it.




The only thing that I could be feeling at this very moment. This very, scary moment.

"How can you be my sister?!" I screech, obviously scared. "I mean, how do you hang out with these people?! Who ARE these people?"

"Stop your pity party." Jerry snaps as she cuts the engine, pointing for me to get out.

We are in the woods in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of really scary looking people. I know, mean. Never judge a person by how they look. But it's true! The people have glow in the dark tattoos all over themselves! And piercings! Yuck- is that a cheek ring?

At this point, I'm hyperventilating. Everything is clouding up, and only because of my stupid sister. How could I be so stupid? These people will kill me! I mean, Jerry would kill me, but these people?

I open the door to crawl out of the warm car and onto the soft dirt that is the woods. My bare feet sink into it, surprisingly relaxing me.

But not for too long.

"Jerry, who is she?" Was the first words out of one of Jerry's "Friends" mouth.

"She's my twin sister I told you about? Yeah, funny story. She got thrown in jail because the cops thought she was the criminal. I guess they don't communicate that well considering I was already there. But you never know. They could have still brought her in for 'safety' and all that jazz." Jerry went over to the big chunky guy with yellow hair and a black beard. He had tattoos all down his arms, and a green wife-beater shirt with dirty jeans. He looked scary- not something I would want to mess with.

"How's it going Jeo?" Jerry asks while taking his hand in hers and doing one of those dude-hug things.

"Nothing much. We were all just waiting for you. Thought you would be here sooner. But it looks like you have some extra baggage." He looks at me, smirking. I just stare him down with my best death-stare and hope that he looks away soon. I hate it when people stare at me. But yet, who does?

"Sydney, man up. These are my friends. We won't eat you. Promise." Jerry tells me, looking at me over her smooth tan shoulder.

`"Yeah, you look too much like Jerry to eat you. We would never eat one of us." The man with tattoos- Jeo- said.

My blood went cold as I contemplated what he said. They would eat me?! Correction- they eat people as long as they’re not one of the group?! And The only thing holding them back from eating me was I look like Jerry?!

My life sucks.


Driven By Water


The End

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