Chapter Four: Driven By A Chevy

Chapter Four

Driven By A Chevy

We run out of the building like bats out of hell, only to find a couple police officers waiting for us outside with guns. I was terrified. Jerry was not.

"J-Jerry?" My teeth chatters as my sweaty hands shook, the dampness freezing on them.

She doesn't respond, but looks around at the yelling cops that were all around us.

"Damn fuz." She murmurs. Where she heard a million year old word for police and picked up on it, I have no clue.

She turns to the left, eyes landing on something in the short distance. Ignoring the yelling police, she yanks me by the front of my shirt, pulling me along. Several gun shots go off behind us, bullets blazing passed us. I almost die of a heart attack when I feel one whiz by my stone cold ear, taking a lock of red hair with it as it flew by.

"What are you doing?!" I cry out at my twin. We were being shot at, escaping out of jail. What was the point of continuing on? The more we ran, the longer the actual, real jail sentence would be. I knew enough about law to know that. I thought about sewing Kellogg’s multiple times.

"We're escaping!" She exclaims as we run head long behind a parked police car. I think of how it would feel like to be shot, and how much it would hurt. More importantly, I think about how I wished I would be back in that jail cell. I wanted to do nothing but sit on the dirty cott and talk to the twin sister I never had. Hell, I would even prefer to be in a room with her smoking than being behind this police car, hiding like, my life depends on it. Because it does.

"We need to get to that Chevy over there." Jerry yells over the gunshots that hit the bullet proof glass over and over. Why won't they just come and tackle us anyways? We don't have weapons, they should know that. With Jerry's skin tight outfit, she wouldn't be able to hide a gun. But maybe they thought I had one. Which would mean-

Which would mean I would be the one they aim for.

I sink to the cold ground even more, wanting to curl up into a ball and just die already. "I'm sorry Special K!, I didn't mean all those mean things I said about you. I really didn't. Please, please forgive me. I don't like karma. I'm so sorry-" I blab, close to crying.

Jerry looks at me, her eyes round and surprised. "What the hell, are you talking about?!" She yells in my face.

I don't answer her, just sit there close to tears and basking in the self pitty that is me.

Suddenly, she takes me by the arm and pulls me up forcefully, once again dragging me along. The gun fire has stopped, replaced with an eerie silence that filled my ears hauntingly. What happened?

"Get down!" She tells me, yanking me down on the ground.           

My knees hit the pavement with a bump, the icy coolness seeping through my dress pants. My hands shake as I begin to crawl behind my Jerry, who army crawls across the ground silently.

We come out from behind another car, and I can't help but peer under the car.  I stop in my tracks, hooking my finger through Jerry's belt l tug  her back.

"Their waiting for us." I whisper to her, holding her back.

"I know that idiot. That's why we're going to run, jump in the car, I'll take a second to hotwire it, and we'll be off." She rolls her eyes, her voice angry.

"Sorry." I tell her.

She keeps crawling, and I go after her. When we reach the end of the car, she gets up and crouches, stretching her legs, ready to run.

"You stay here. I'll go and bring the car around to you. Be ready to jump in." She says, and then she's off.

Running as fast as she possibly could, she runs to the old Chevy Camaro. A 78. She grabs the handle just as what seems like a million gunshots ring out. Jumping in, she disappears, hotwiring it.

"Come on-" I encourage silently.

The car roars to life, the headlights  coming on. The police start to run at the car, but Jerry speedily backs the car up and starts to drive strait for them, scattering them. When they are all on the ground taking cover, she puts it in reverse and drives to me.           

I take the handle firmly in my cold clammy hands and pull it, opening it. Gunshots rang out all around me, but I was able to pull myself inside the compartment, kneeling on the seat as Jerry speeds down the grassy hill that’s to the right of us. The door slams shut as a bullet hits the window, putting a big hole in it.

Jerry doesn't stop speeding until we're finally a couple miles away from the place, and the police cars that were on our tail are now off. She slows, driving up to a McDonalds. We haven't talked since we left.

She pulls into the drive through, and I finally move my legs. They're sticking to the black sleek leather of the seat. I sigh.

"Do you want anything?" She asks me.

"Um, can I get a chocolate milk shake with a large fries?" I ask her back.

She looks me up and down, grimacing. "Fine."

When the car ahead of us pulls out finally, we pull up to the ordering window.

"What can we get you?" The voice asks.

"Can I get a medium chocolate shake and a large fries? And also, can I get a large Dr. Pepper, no ice, a large vanilla shake, chicken selects, a cucumber salad, and a Big-Mac meal with supersized fries? She orders.

My mouth gapes open. And she was looking ME up and down!?

She looks at me, smirking.

"I’m size one. I can afford it. Plus, I get all the dudes anyways." and she winks, a sly smirk embellishing her lips

The End

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