Chapter Three: Driven By Adrenaline

Chapter Three

Driven By Adrenaline


"I don't want to do this." I say to her.

"You don't have to want to." Jerry says back.

It is currently one o'clock in the am, and I'm tired as something that's tired. Like a bear- in hibernation. Yeah, that's it!


Jerry is getting ready to put her so called brilliant idea into action. She was going to break out of jail, and bring me with her. I don't know what is going to happen, but I have an idea that it won't be good. I'm pretty sure the law looks down on people who break out of jail.

"Are you ready to go?" Jerry suddenly asks me, standing by the call door.

"No." I moan back, knocking my head on the wall.

"Well I am. So get your fat butt off of that dingy cot, and get over here."

I do as she says, but slowly. I can see the scowl that was plastered on her face deepen as I grow nearer and nearer.

Sighing, I ask her simply how she plans to escape. She takes out a piece of paper, the only one that she saved in the pile that the cops gave her, and unwraps it from the tight wrapping it was in. Inside, was a laser pointer?

"What use is that?" I ask her, pointing to the mysterious object.

"Just watch." She snaps. Touché.

Jerry takes the pointer, pushing the little red button on the top mid-section, and points it at one of the video cameras. The red light locked onto the center of the lense, and suddenly the camera turned off. The blinking green light that was on it saying it was on went dim, showing no sign of life.

Jerry did the same thing to the other five cameras too, and they all went dead. Apparently, she knows this place as well as she knows the back of her hand, or a case of cigars, so she knows that the night guard is just a myth.

When all the cameras were all off, Jerry slid her thin hand outside the bars, reaching up as high as she could.

"Give me a boost." She tells me.

I walk over to her, cupping my hands and crouching down so that she could climb onto me. She waits a second, and then finally lifts her foot and places it in my hand, and hoists herself up.

Grabbing the top of the door, she loops her legs around it, keeping herself up. Her hand finds its way above and through the door, and busily searches for the keys.

"Why would they put them there?" I ask her.

"Cuz they think we're stupid. And most people arn't as skinny as I am. A guy on steroids probably couldn't put his leg through a tiny hole like that, could they?" She asks.

"I guess not..." I respond.

Finding the keys, Jerry flips back, grabbing the bars and sliding down it on her shoe. Once on the floor, she turns to me, smirking, jingling the keys. "Got em." She tells me.

I roll my eyes, and snatch them out of her hand while she's waving them in my face. Walking over to the door, my tired feet echo off the ground.

I place the key into the lock and turn slowly, making sure no sudden alarm goes off. Nothing happens. I turn a little more, and hear a faint "click". Pushing the door open, we both stand there for a minute, making sure everything was a-okay.

"Now what do we do?" I ask her. She was looking to the right, eyes wide. Suddenly, she grabbed me by the arm and began to run. I could hear yelling.

"Hey! You two! Get back here!" I look behind us and see a middle aged man in a guards outfit chasing after us with a flashlight. The light reflected off the white walls of the room. It bounced from one place to the next, demonstrating the man's uneasiness.

"Get back here right now!" He continues to bellow as Jerry drags me through the plain white halls of the station. I hardly have time to even look in any of the other windows, see what else is here.

Suddenly, the room flashed red. Red was all around it, flashing. Red washed over Jerry's face, flushing out the confusion that was evident there. She said that there was no night guard! By the look on her face, she truly didn't think there would be one. Now, the true age of my sister showed. She looked scared, and I wanted to hug her and tell her everything would be fine.

But I knew she would kill me if I did.

"What do we do?" I ask no one in particular.

Jerry tugged on my arm harder, running as fast as she can down the hallway while I trailed a step behind her, dazed.

"Sydney! Let’s go! We need to run!" She yells behind her, her face contorted in worry.

"Sorry, just don't run much." I mutter more to myself than to her.

We keep running and running until we skid to a halt, curving around a corner.

Jerry gasped, and I looked forward. The wall is closing, intent on keeping us locked in here. it is about six feet off the ground, and closing fast.

Jerry looks at me, her face stern. "Ready?" She asks me.

I nod my head. Reason enough.

We run hand in hand full speed ahead, until we reach the wall. About three  feet off the ground now, we both work to fling each other under it. We succeed, though my right shoe wasn't as lucky. Caught on the other side, we run out of there.

A shoe is a shoe. I'll get another one.

Jerry never did say she's sorry.


The End

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