Chapter two- Driven by Insanity

Chapter Two


"Does anyone have a cigarette?" Jerry yells. She's by the door to the cell, grasping the poles tightly while she eyed a couple of the officers.

"Damn. I need a cigarette." She says softer after they just all ignored her.

"You don't NEED one-" I told her. I'm honestly glad that they didn't give her one. I hate the smell. Every time I would walk by someone smoking, I would always hold my breath.

She turns to me, giving me a dirty look. "I always need a cigarette." She states.

I put my hands up, surrendering to her glare.

"Yo dudes! Can a chick get a cigarette in here? I'll trade it for my 'one call!" Jerry walks up to the doors again, sticking her head through the metal bars.

Finally, a cop decides to actually respond. Whether a bad thing or a good thing, I have no clue.

"So, lab reports came in. We know that Jerry is the real convict." He says to me. I silently thank the lord. "But-" Oh no, "We have to keep you here for awhile until we get everything sorted out with your sister. She seems to only have you as her family. When we took her in a couple months ago she didn't have anyone." He smiled.

But why would he be smiling? He just said something that could change my life forever!? Wow, now I'm just getting crazy.

Guess that's what prison does to you.

Finally, the news sunk in. Jerry doesn't look fazed as I glance at her. She just sighs, droops her shoulders, and stomps into the corner where she stands alone, looking like the world is dying.

For her? The world is not dying. For me, maybe.

"I-I can't stay here! I have a job! I have friends!" Jerry snorts.

"I'm sorry, I can't let you out of here. It's not possible."

"But if I'm just staying to help with Jerry that means that I can come out! I'm not a convict anymore!"

"Actually, you were never a convict to begin with. But we've had your sister in here before. Just talk to her, okay?" I can almost hear Jerry's eyes rolling around in their sockets. How she isn’t an actual convict now, in prison and in an orange jumpsuit, I have no clue.

"But- you can't do this!" I yell, panicked now.

"I'm sorry, but we have to!" He defends, looking shocked at my outburst.

"Is this even legal?!"

"In this case, it is." He tells me.

He walks away, and I'm left alone. A tear rolls down my face. I'm stressed, and unhappy at this stupid predicament I've gotten myself into this time. Never have I ever thought I would ever end up in a jail cell, and even less, in a jail cell with my twin sister.

Jerry walks over, plopping down beside me. For the first time, I take in what she's wearing.

"Nice boots." I tell her.

"Thanks. Stole them." She replies. This shocks me more than I should have. She looks decent, not like she has to steel things. She had on a green sleeveless shirt that had skull designs on it, and strings that loop around her neck holding it up. Her black short shorts accented her tanned legs nicely, and the black high-topped combat boots were a nice touch. Honestly, I was jealous of her looks. She obviously got all of them.

"How do you stay so skinny?" I ask her, changing the topic from her stolen boots.

"Underground fight clubs, boxing, street racing, running from cops, plain old running, it all really burns the calories. It doesn't look like you've been doing any of those though." She says while eyeing my outfit and figure.

Ouch. That hurt.

I frown at her, letting her see that I'm pissed.

"I know I just found out about you, but I am your big sister-" I start.

"And I've known you for my whole life, thinking you knew about me and just didn't want anything to do with me. So I think you owe it to me. Don't you?" She asks, eyebrows raised.


"I-I- I really didn't know about you Joey. I-I'm so sorry. I seriously didn't know." I feel tears start to roll out of my eyes, and Joey looks as if for a second, she might try to comfort me before I realized that I said ‘sorry’. But no, the hard Joey is back in town after a small second, hating my very guts.

"I don't want pity." She says.

"I wasn't giving you pity."

"Well it was coming."


"Jerry, do you know when we're going to get out of here?Ifwe're going to get out of here?" I ask.



"In a few minutes, when the last person leaves." She tells me.

It was around midnight, and I was lying on the cot while she sat on the floor, resting her head by my arm. She was smoking a fake cigarette, made with a piece of hard paper. Most likely a fire hazard, since paper burns too fast and way too easily, but it was actually lasting for awhile- Jerry must know how to make them like that. It’s the only thing that the cops would give her and it was obviously as a jeering joke too.

"What do you mean?" I roll over, looking at her.

"I mean, I'm finally gaining the guts to break out of this hell-hole. I don't want to stay in it any longer. And also, I'm not coming back!"

"I don't like the sound of that..." I tell her, completely serious.

"I have a plan. I'm totally serious."

"You do know that I have a life too, and I'm not going to lie and say that you forced me to let you go. That's just stupid."

"You’re not going to lie." She tells me, annoyed.

"What do you mean?" I ask, confused now.

"I mean you’re coming with me!" She yells, smiling. "What about some little sister- big sister bonding time?" She asks, her arms wide open for me to take hold.



"Because again, I have a life! I'm not throwing it away!" I tell her, glowering.

"You won't be. Trust me. From the looks of it, all you do is sit in an office, eat low fat cereal- by the way, that stuff doesn't work- and talk to your maybe one friend. Am I right?" She asks.

I sigh, turning over. "I'm not going."

"I wouldn't say that if I were you," She said. Her voice sounded dangerous.

"I'm serious Jerry."

"I'm also serious Sydney."

"Where did you get the name Joey anyways? Mom and dad?"

"Don't change the subject!" She yells, clearly pissed.

"I can if I want! I'm older, remember?" I ask her.

She gets up, fire in her eyes, and lunges at me. Since I'm too lazy to move, she somehow gets her small little hands around my throat, and squeezes.

"You’re coming with me. Got that?" She growled, her face scary.

I nodded, as much as I could do at that moment with my windpipe collapsing on me, my face most likely going purple.

God, I'm going to hell.


The End

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