Chapter One- Driven by Apology

Chapter One


The girl sitting beside me looked exactly like me, but prettier. Her long red hair was in tattered waves, like it was wind-blown. Her brown eyes were heavily lined with black eye liner, and her eye-lashes were smoothly coated with black mascara. Even down to her size, she was probably a size one or two, while I was more stocky.  

The girl wouldn't look at me. She just sat on the left side of the cot, as far away from me as she could, with her arms crossed and a frown upon her pretty face.      

We were sitting in a concrete holding cell with metal bars. The cot we both sat on was thin and cold. On the other side of the bars, we could see the cops busy at work. There were desks every ten feet, and they each held a phone and a computer.

I sat on the cot silently along with the girl; my doppelganger. Could this girl really be my sister?

"I need to get out of here." The girl suddenly said quietly. Her voice was melodic. A scratchy smoothness that blended together. I looked at her, wanting to talk to her, but not knowing what to say. She suddenly looked at me, her seemingly permanent scowl deepening.

"What do you want?" She hissed.

"I-I'm sorry, do we know each other?" I asked stupidly.

She looked me over, frowning- seemingly unpleased.

I tried again. "What's your name?"


Thinking I was getting somewhere, I decided to go the extra step. "I'm Sydney." I told her, extending my hand.

"I know who the hell you are." She spat, looking forward again.

Confusion plastered to my face, I crinkle my eyebrows, pursing my lips to ask her what was wrong.

Jerry turned to me, seeing my expression, her brown eyes turning sour. "You seriously don't know about me Sydney? Because I sure as hell know about you."

Confused still, I told her I really didn't know who she was. She just shook her head in response, turning back around.

A long moment passed before anything else was said, and I was glad when she was the someone who said something. "We're twins."

It was something that I knew was a possibility, though when I said that she might be, it was mostly for my own humor. But really? Was she a mind reader and was trying to trick me? Or was this whole sha-bang just a nasty prank on TV.

If it is, I wouldn't be surprised to hear Tony called the cereal company and told them about my hatred towards their food. Maybe they set this whole thing up. But on the other hand, why would they care? I spend about twenty bucks a month on the stuff anyways. So as long as I am stupid enough to buy the stuff, they probably won't care.


“”Ugh, I am so going to kill Tony-” I begin, scowling at the floor.

“What are you talking about?” Jerry started. Her voice was cold, stony.

"Sorry.” I said to her. I laughed, my attempt to lighten the mood. I thought it worked. It didn’t though-

"Our parents gave me up." She looked sad, looking down at her hands, beginning her story without an entry.

"I'm sorry." I told her, lifting my hands to comfort her, but ending up putting them back down. "I seriously didn't know I had a sister.”

"You’re older by five minutes." She smiled a little, reminiscing.

"You-you do know mom and dad are dead? Killed ten years ago." I asked her. It was a soft topic for me, but it's been ten years. It didn't affect me as much anymore.

She snapped out of her mood, and her features turned cold again. "Yeah."


"So, do you know why mom and dad gave you up?" I asked her.

"I don't know. I was too young." She replied. "You were too young."


"Weren't they eighteen when they had us?" She asked me.

"I think. I don't remember much now. They weren't that big of a part of my life. They never really did anything. As it is, they missed my graduation, but I was already eighteen, so I didn't go into foster care. Thankfully."

"I did."

"I'm sorry."

"Never say you’re sorry, it’s a sign of weakness. The sooner you get that, the longer you'll live."

The End

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