Just dreaming my dreams...

A girl gets trapped in another dimension where her dreams become reality...

The old lady bent down to retreive the little peice of paper that lay on the ground.

A smile graced her wrinkly face as she read what was on the note, a breeze picked up and she lifted her hands to the sky. Her body blowing away in ashes, the smile seemingly not wanting to leave."Here is where you belong" said a whispery voice suddenly. The trees seemed to becon her, the little girl that watched...

"Kamie!" yelled my brother. He jumped on my bed and I hugged him hard. "You're back!" I shout and he nods, his army jacket was covered in dirt and grime, and it was making my bed dirty. But I didn't care.

"Thank god your safe!" I say, and we hug again. He'd been gone in afghanistan for over two years now. And on christmas he'd finally come back, and he said he was staying.

We walked down the stairs single file and as we entered the kitchen the smell of pancakes and butter filled our noses with its awesome aroma. "Hello dears, are you ready for the best breakfast in the world?" asked my mother, and we sat down eagerly.

"Yep, haven't had one of your brekys in a long time" says my brother, he picks up the fork beside his plate. Mom dishes out two pancakes to each of us, and we slather it with butter and maple syrup.

"Dig in" says mom, and we eat hungrily. It was so nice having Brandon back, my brother was alive, and he seemed to be well.




The End

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