Just do it

"Go on, what are you waiting for?" he shouted "are you frightened? 'Cos I'd be frightened if I was you, If I was pointing a gun to my head I'd be very frightened indeed, because we both know that any moment know a very big, very nasty man will walk through that door and blow your brains out!"

Steve just stood there, trembling, the gun felt cool against his hot, sweaty hand.

"There ain't gonna be nobody coming through that door, there all dead, every last one of them! My men have made sure of that" Steve roared. His pulse raced. He looked over the barrel of the gun and down into Carters small, beady eyes.

"Just do it Steve, just pull the trigger, we both know your doing the world a favor. If you had of done this sooner maybe you'd still have a wife.."

Carter lurched forward, even with his hands and legs bound he still made Steve jump.

"Are you scared Steve?" he began to laugh, his eyes darted about wildly. "Well ain't that just hilarious? Your scared of me even though I'm tied up with a gun pointed at me, but you don't have the balls to shoot me!"

A gunshot rang out, Carter smirked, Steve fell to the floor. A very big, very bloody man stood in the doorway.

"He had the chance and he missed it, how unfortunate" Carter laughed, the big man was silent.

"Your free at last sir," the big man muttered, slipping his knife back into his pocket. "If we get out of here I hope you make this worth my while."

Carter said nothing, he just looked at the lifeless corpse on the floor and laughed.

"If they keep sending amateurs like this after us of course we'll get out of here".

The End

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