The time is now!

So Gwyneth and Penelope were waiting in the long line for their ice cream cones when Penelope's cell phone rang.

"Oh- hold on, I have to take this."

Gwyneth just smiled and waved, but she had an ulterior motive. She watched Penelope back into a corner to talk privately, and then Gwyneth put on her listening ears and cranked up the volume TO THE EXTREME!

Oh. Gwyneth isn't deaf anymore, by the way. It's a miracle!

So when her LEs were on, she heard something that really disturbed her.

"My birthday is in May."

How could somebody SAY such a sentence?! That meant that there was a chance that Penelope was a TAURUS! And Taurus' are the Scorpios' ENEMIES!

She rammed into Penelope, knocking the breath out of the phone. Unfortunately, it never recovered, and it died.

Penelope was angry. And nobody wants to see an angry dragon-like creature.

Sooooo Gwyneth left! With the sheer power of her mind, she transported to a strange forest. Oh... oh my... it was RASPUTIN'S FOREST! She had to find that puddle with Justin Bieber!

After what seemed like fourty two minutes of searching, she found a puddle that was sort of brown and had a lot of twigs and rotton berries and stuff in it. Without even thinking about it (well, she doesn't really think about much at all, now does she?!) she dived face-first into the depths and broke her neck and died.

A second later, she woke up on the floor of the ice cream shop, staring into the angry, blurred face of Penelope.

It was the strangest thing! It was as if she turned back time! Or she was merely a character in a video game! 

"Is this real life?" she thought. "Is this forever?"

But then Penelope took out a knife and cut off her hair, and then gave her a scar on her forehead. Then she took out a packet of fairy dust from her pouch and sprinkled it on Gwyneth's head. It sent her off to a familiar place...

The End

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