Welcome to Burger King!

While the Karate Koala was trying to rest, he asked Toyota to drive him somewhere to get his perscription. Little did she know, the place she had to go was Burger King. Apparently his medicine was fatty food. Toyota was very disgusted with Karate Koala.

"How can you teach me anything when you are this fat!? You're always eating fast food instead of healthy food!"

"Soooon you will- oh hang on a sec-" Koala was inturrepted by the person in the speaker asking for the order.

"Welcome to Burger King, what can I get for you today?" the person in the speaker said politely.

"Umm yes I would like 8 Big mac's, 3 quarter pounder with cheese, 6 large fries and a large diet coke. I'm trying to watch my weight." Toyota gave Koala a disgusted look when he said he was trying to watch his weight. Even if it was true, he was doing a horrible job! Even the person in the speaker was shocked! We could hear her whisper to herself 'whaaaat?! Is this guy serious!? He's like a million freaking pounds!!!' Koala heard it, but he pretends he didn't...

"Your total is $187.75 pull up to the window please."

"Wow, what a good deal! Their prices must have gone down since 2:00 (it's currently 2:30)! NICE! Uhh, so what was I saying..? Ohh I remember! Soon you will see that you don't need to be active to be powerful! I'm a prime example!"

Toyota just smiles and nods, she doesn't want to fight with the Karate Master. Even though he was extremely obese, he was a smart man.

The End

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