What's Goin' On?!

When she finally got a good look at the hideous monster, she realized what it was. It was something called a Xionghirods. She had absolutely NO idea how to pronounce that, so instead she just called it X-Tremely-Scary-Thing. It was quite friendly, she was very shocked at that fact. Apparently it was lost and couldn't find it's mother and father!

"Well before I help you find them, riddle me this, are you a man or a woman?" Gwyneth asked, not sure if it would make it mad or not.

"What do you think!?" It was mostly furious.

She didn't know how to answer that question. "I'm not sure.... A maa- nooo... A wom- ma- I DON'T KNOW!!!?" She didn't want to upset it anymore than she already had. Apparently, it was imposible not to make it mad...

It was obviously offended by that answer. "I AM A WOMAN!!!!!!!" Gwyneth just stood there, speechless and with a dumb expression on her face.

"Well what would you like to be called..?"
"I would like to be called Penelope (Pee-Na-lope)"

"So..... Friends..... Penelope?" Gwyneth asked with hopeful eyes. Kind of like Puss in Boots from Shrek.

"Mmmmm... Not quite... I'm actually leaning more towards no..."

Gwyneth was heart broken. "What do you mean not friends?" She was trying to hold back tears, but she wasn't exactly very good at it. Everyone could tell she was about to sprout a tear.

"Ahh don't cry big guy, maybe someday way in the future we'll be aquantinces? Now let's go get some ice cream champ, whadya say?"

The End

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