The Secret Order of the Links

(This is by Sammy)

 Gwyneth woke up to the ground shaking. Then she realized that it was her that was shaking. She was shaking a lot. Shaking like one of those pointless, vibrating balls that have the colorful spikes all over them. I used to have one as a tot. Anywho, Gwyneth was shaking.

She realized she was freezing. Then she realized why she was freezing. The ground was made of ice. It felt as if she was in a bathtub full of ice cubes. I watched a show today and somebody had to do that because he had a heat stroke... Anywho, she was freezing.

She couldn't stand up because the ice was so slick and smooth; she couldn't see anything because the only light came from a lamp post which looked like it was five miles away; she was freezing, as was stated before, and had no way to warm herself... Nothing was okay.

So she ran to the light. Ran like there was no tomorrow, and frankly, Gwyneth didn't know if there would be a tomorrow.

Well, long story short, there was a tomorrow, but it wasn't really a tomorrow, because the last part was a dream.

Gwyneth woke up and she felt like she was drowning, so she started kicking her legs and flailing her arms. She heard no splashes, however, so she stopped and opened her eyes for the first time in quite a few hours.

It turns out that she was just laying on the floor of a gigantic cave and was surrounded by a fire circle.

She had heard of fire circles from Lucinda. They were made by angry dancing fire fairies. They usually danced around sleeping people; it all made sense to Gwyneth now.

She remembered how that handsome merman had tackled her and held her in his strong arms, and how the ground opened up and the Superdevil rose from it and-

Well, it wasn't all clear.

What she knew now is that she was burning up and she was sure she smelled something good a'cookin'.


She heard somebody whisper her name through intercom. It echoed off the walls of the cave and it's many tunnels. Gwyneth spun around and found an opening in the fire ring.

She ran around, looking down hallways and peeping in the door windows. She wasn't sure what she was looking for at the moment, but she knew that when she found it, she would know.

And she did once she saw it.

It was just sitting there, in the biggest cavern of all. It was turned towards the back wall, away from Gwyneth, so all she saw was a huge, shimmery green lump that expanded rythmetically. There were eight ruby-red dots through the middle

She had no idear what it was.

The End

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