She's only seventeeeeeen

Gwyneth was lying there in the haystack when she felt something moving under her. She rolled over and saw that it was the orphan!

The orphan was screaming at her but Gwyneth couldn't hear her because she was deaf, of course.

It was so weird though-- Gwyneth knew what she was saying. It was like she could smell the words. SMELL THEM.

The orphan was saying that she was trying to get to a different world where she was supposed to get married.

Gwyneth started to cry when she heard the word 'married'.

Then she thought for a second.

WAIT- I was in a land that I was going to get married in!

"Who are you supposed to marry?" she asked.

"Justin Bieber"

And they both started crying together.

It was a hallmark moment.

(Sorry this chapter sucked lol)

The End

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