Lucy, I'm hooome!

"Well where the heck is that chick with my berries? I told her to- OH MY GOD! SHE SANG TO RASPUTIN!"

Sherlock looked at Lucinda like she was crazy.

"No she didn't Lucinda!" he shouted.

"HOW DO YOU KNOW, SHERLOCK?!" she shouted back.

"Because I'm the most famous detective in the world. I am the first person people think of when 'detective' is mentioned. I am what children aim to be when they are older!" he said.

Lucinda rolled her eyes. "Ptshyeah right,"

"HEY HOLMES DOG! Wassaaa?! High five man!" Mr. Tum Tums shrieked when he walked in the room.

They high fived, but Sherlock's hand slipped and hit Mr. Tum Tums face. Sherlock turned around and looked out the window with his hand on his chin, as if he was deep in thought.

"-ow- Lucy! I'm hooome! Where's Gwyneth?" Mr. Tum Tums asked whilst rubbing his hand-printed face.

"She was eaten by Rasputin!!"

"Well that sucks... did she get the berries?"

"DO YOU CARE AT ALL?!?!" She cried.

"Ummmm sure! Oh- I found this!" Mr. Tum Tums took out a red shoe with 'orphan' on the tag.

"MY ORPHAN! Where did you find this?! What are these dark red dots splattered all over it...?"

"I'm hoping it's wine," Mr. Tum Tums said, "because I really like wine!!"

Lucinda laughed and sighed and shook her head and frowned and put her head in her hands all at the same time.

The End

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