Singing with Rasputin

Gwyneth grabbed her blue hooded cloak and berry picking basket and set out to the Enchanted Forest.

She was walking when she realized she was going to the beat of "Singing in the Rain". She started singing it. She sang it well into the Enchanted Forest. A minute later she got to a fork in the path. She picked it up and kept going. Then the path made a division. One side was leading to a gingerbread house with frosting on the roof and a sweet looking old lady on the porch, and one was leading to a  large stone castle surrounded by rain clouds and lightning.

Gwyneth was having trouble choosing which path to take, and decided to sit down and eat some berries with her new fork.

She looked for a nice spot and found one! It was in the middle of a ring of mushrooms and pink flowers. There was a bunny there, and she shooed it away so she could sit.

The bunny hopped behind a bush and watched her, laughing maliciously in his mind. He opened an invisible portal in front of a tree and made the tree sing "My Humps".

Gwyneth looked at it in amazement. She got up and started singing it, too. She felt like she was being pulled in to some swirling force of energy that was invisible!

But she liked it........ so she walked on!

She came to the tree, but the tree wasn't a tree, it was Rasputin! He was ugly and green and had a long, thin, scraggly beard.

She screamed and fell backwards into a mysteriously deep puddle. The water swirled and whirled and turned a dark purple! She shrank, and then blacked out.

The End

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