Two Tickets

To PARADISE FALLS! The great place for Grandmas. And that's where Toyota Mitsubishi Honda is from. She was on the hunt for Gwyneth and nothing would stand in her way. She was determined to find her...... And (unfortunately) kill her. MEANWHILE, back at the Seahorse Barn, Gwyneth and Lucinda were all alone there. Mr. Tum Tums and Sherlock went to interview anyone that had seen the missing orphan.

"So where do you come from Gwyneth?"
"Uhh.. Well a house! Ha. I forgot the town...." She sounded bothered.

"Uh-huh? Umm.. Are you ok? You seem.. I don't know, just bothered and anxious about something?"
"Well actually, there is something I need to tell you."

"Alright. Go."

"Umm.. Well I'm not really sure how to say this but, here it goes. Well, this is probably going to sound strange at first.. But umm.."
"Just tell me already!"
"Ok. Lucinda, I'm your-"
"Well we've made progress!" Mr. Tum Tums said suddenly.

'Ughhh!!!!!! Why does he keep doing that!?' Gwynwth thought to herself.

"What have you encountered!?"
"She's headed East and the people have seen her! WE'VE MADE PROGRESS!"
"Well I'm proud of you dear. When are you going to look for her?"
"We we're about to go, Sherlock just had to go potty. He had a jumbo slushie earlier. Went right through him.. Poor thing."

"I'll go with you. Gwyneth can this wait?"
"Uhh, I suppose.. What am I supposed to do while your gone..?"

"Well you can go berry picking in the Enchanted Forest! But don't get tempted by Rasputin. He's crafty. So just don't talk to anyone alright. And what ever you do, do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT SING!!!!!" 

"Umm.. Ok? Well have fun and good luck."

"I don't need luck."

The End

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