Hannah Goatanna

"I was a young billygoat. I was in the Goatsville Goat Gang with the 3 Billygoats Gruff. We were all frolicking in the meadows when out of nowhere, we heard the song "Best of Both Worlds"! Naturally, we all freaked out because we thought it was HANNAH MONTANNA! We all rush over to get her autograph, and it wasn't even her!!!!! We walked up to her and asked for her name. She said her name was Hannah Goatanna. I know right. So all of us came up with a plan to start a boy band, but with girls.

It would be called "Hannah Goatanna and the Billygoat gang." We were pretty famous for about 17 years. But then things went south.. And Hannah Goatanna split. She left the band and went solo.. By this time is was 1773, and we were in trouble. She was a pop star with her own silent TV show. We were broke.

I woke up in a daze. Three things ran across my mind

1. What time is it?

2. What's for lunch today?

and 3. What is Robert Pattinson doing in my room calling 'LUCINDA WAKE UP!"? I was soon to be afraid for my life."

"Do you think I'm crazy..?"

"ROBERT PATTINSON WAS IN YOUR ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!! That would be soooo coool! Did you kiss him??? Hehehehe. Did he say any quotes from Twilight!? DID HE SAY YOU WERE HIS PERSONAL HEROINE?!?!!??!!!!!!!?"

"Focus Gwyneth! And no. Can you please answer my question.."

"Sorry Lucinda.. Well I'm no Dr. Phil or anything, but I would say your a regular nut case."


"Well bye!"

The End

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