Mr. Tum Tums

"Well that's a strange name for a..... Uhh... What exactly are you..?"

"Well... I don't rightly know... I think I am a....... Well, they like to call me Seahorse Man. I am the local superhero! And I don't mean to toot my own horn, but uhh I'm pretty well-known."

"Ohh.. Well what exacly is your 'super power' then, Mr. Seahorse Man?"

"I can swim."

She was speechless. "Well... Whatever, can you get me out of this bubble please?"

"Sure, I'll take you to my Seahorse barn!"

Hours later she finally asks "GOD! ARE WE THERE YET!?"

He replies "Weeere heeeeeere!"
They enter with suprised looks upon their faces. His house was destroyed. "Ohh. My. God." Said Mr. Tum Tums in suprise. "LUCINDA!!!! WHAT IS GOING ON IN HERE!?!?!?!?!!" She came out looking like she was a psycho. "I CAN'T FIND MY ORPHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Ahh poop! Where did you have it last?"

"..I can't remember?"
"Well, well call Sherlock Holmes and send out a search party then"

She was delighted. So Mr. Tum Tums called Sherlock and they met up at the whale spine. Meanwhile, at the Seahorse Barn, Mrs. Tum  Tums and Gwyneth got to talking.
"So, how did you and your husband meet?"
"Well, sort of like how you two did. I didn't know where I was and I was by the whale spine and he came and took me here. From then on, we were in LOVE!"

Gwyneth suddenly thought of her sister. "So, how did you mysteriously end up here?"

"It was the strangest thing actually, I was in my bath tub and I pulled the drain and I got sucked in and I ended up here, and you already know what happens next."

Could it be?! She thought and thought and thought some more. Until she decided to really find out the truth. "Do you have any family back where you came from?"

"Well.. I used to have a sister. I don't know what happened to her though. She was so great. Gosh, I wish I could see her again. I miss her so much."
At that moment, she knew she had found her sister. "It's-"
She was cut off in mid-sentence by Mr. Tum Tums and Sherlock busting in through the door sreaming "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!"

Gwyneth was so upset. She wanted to tell her sister that she had found her so badly, but she just couldn't. There was too much going on.

"DID YOU FIND IT!?" Asked Lucinda anxiously.
"Well heck no. But we're close! I can feeeeeel it! So, don't you worry your pretty little head off okeydokey. We'll find it! I PROMISE!" Said Sherlock Holmes. 'Why would he call me a pretty little head?' she thought to herself. She just neverminded it and went on with her life of gambling and mischief.

The End

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