Underwater Narnia

It was a few minutes after the cops burst into Gwyneth Carleson's bathroom. She was so frightened that she jumped into the bathtub. She always leaves the drain closed because once, a long time ago, her sister was taking a shower and disappeared. When she fell in the bathtub, she must have knocked the plug off with her elbow. The water started swirling and churning and  it turned a turquoise blue. Gwyneth shrank so small that she couldn't reach the surface of the water, and she was sucked into the drain!!!

Into underwater Narnia... She blacked out and woke up a few hours later. She was leaning against a giant whale spine, and she was in the middle of a clearing. All around the outside of the clearing were coral and underwater plants, and in the midst of it all were hungry eyes.

At the same moment they all charged at her, but before they could reach her, a huge bubble encircled her and the whale spine. There was also a being that was half man and half seahorse.

"Whoooo... are youuu?" he asked, smoking a pipe that looked like he stole it from the dead corpse of Sherlock Holmes. The words didn't come directly out of his mouth; it looked as if he breathed into the pipe and bubbles came out. As the bubbles popped, the the words were heard.

Gwyneth stared and said her name.

"Well who are you, then?" she asked him.

"My name is Tum Tum Tum Tum Tums, but you can call me Mr. Tum Tums for short," he replied.

The End

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