Rabies Panda's o__o

And that place was most definitely NOT Hogwarts School from Harry Potter!!! Although she greatly desired to be in Hogwarts, she just wasn't. She had a dream about Hogwarts.... There was a whole bunch of kids just chillin in the school parking lot, when ALL OF A SUDDEN! OUT OF NO WHERE! OUT OF THE BLUE! COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY RANDOMLY! There was a large group of angry rabies panda's, that had a thirst for only something the children had....... APPLE JUICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So the first panda bear, and also probably the most rabies filled, started walking towards a child named Spencer. Little did the panda know that little Spencer has a degree in Ninjeology! SO HE'S A NINJA! So the panda tried to kill him and Spencer totally kicked his butt because he was a ninja. And he survived to tell the story. He is now the great novelist. Spencer. I don't know his last name so... That kind of sucks.. But it's whatever. Yep. He's the only survivor of that horrible time at school. The sad thing was, was that they are only in Elementary School. But the sad thing about that Elementary School is that it's in the ghetto of West Philli! So, Spencer was pretty much the town hero because of his ninjeology degree.

He saved everyone from the kitty in the tree, to the whales in the ocean (by donating money of course!), to the little nerdy kid that always gets made fun of. The only person I have ever not seen him save, was the fat kid.

And every hero has to have a theme song. So his went a little something like this... Why must I cry, why must I cry, why? Why must I cry? Whyyyyy must I crrrrryyyy!?"  And you know how Batman had a signal in the sky was a bat, well Spencer's is a lonely tear drop. Just. Like. Crybaby Walker.

So the one day there were a whole bunch of things that needed to be saved in West Philli. There was a kitten in a tree, the save the whales check was due, the nerdy kid was being picked on, and the fat kid's face was being shoved in mud. So they were all screaming for Spencer! But he just couldn't get to all of them! So he looked at all of them and said "I MUST SOLVE THE PROBLEM! But... Maybe after lunch..." So he went to McDonalds and spent over $100 there. Yeah, I know. When he got to the scene of the crimes, they had already been resolved. The fireman got the kitten out of the tree, the Save The Whales Foundation went bankrupt, the nerdy kid punched the bully, and the fat kid ate his way out of the mud. Everyone thought that Spencer was a schmuck.
"I must get back the town's trust! And I know exactly how I'm going to do it....." Spencer said with a dirty grin on his face...

The End

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