Just Dance

Gaia had wanted to dance for as long as she could remember. The problem? She was too damn shy. Fear of failure had stopped her from doing so much and she couldn’t believe that she was in her twenties and still so terrified of going to Ballroom Dancing lessons.

What if I can’t remember the steps? What if I’m just really bad at it? She loved Ballroom and Latin Dancing so much, she couldn’t bare the thought of being told she couldn’t do it. But then again, will I be happy if I never try? She knew the answer and she knew that these thoughts were coming all too late because she was sitting in a dance studio waiting for her first lesson to begin.

“Gaia? Hi my name is Zac, I’ll be your dancing instructor. Are you ready to get started?”

Great. A cute, young dancing instructor to help ease the nerves. “Hey Zac” Gaia said as she stood up and shook the hand of her blue-eyed instructor. “This is my first lesson so go easy on me.”

“No problem,” he said leading Gaia to the dance floor. “Let’s start with the Foxtrot…”

The hour lesson flew by so quickly and Gaia was in heaven. It wasn’t impossible and from what she could see in the studio mirrors, she didn’t look too horrible either. Zac made her small frame look like it knew what it was doing and she loved the feeling of her long dark ponytail whipping around when he turned her. He was a professional and patient teacher, but fun at the same time so she didn’t feel too bad when she messed up.

As Gaia put her converse sneakers back on at the end of the lesson, she noticed that a new group of students were filtering in for their lessons. They really were a mixture of people and she wondered how long they’d all been dancing – some of them for more than 30 years by the looks of it!

A guy with light, sandy-coloured hair came and sat down next to her and smiled. “Are you new here? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you before?”

Gaia was surprised by how friendly he was and smiled back. “You got me, I’m a Ballroom virgin. I just had my first lesson.”

“Ah, I remember my first lesson. What a disaster! I don’t know how they persuaded me to come back, but they did and now I’ve been dancing for almost a year. Although, you might not think it…” he laughed as he laced up his black leather dancing shoes.

“I’m sure you’re brilliant, I mean you even have those cool shoes and everything!” Gaia joked as she watched him strut around in his pointy shoes with a slight heel. Despite the less than manly shoes, she couldn’t help but notice how attractive he was with his tall, lean frame and friendly face.

“Hey, come now…” he started to defend himself when they were interrupted by a woman’s voice.

“James, are you ready to start?” A pretty brunette who Gaia could only assume was his instructor was waiting for him on the dance floor.

He turned back to face Gaia. “I’m being summoned, I guess I better go. I’m James as you just heard.”

“Gaia,” she said with a smile as she picked up her bags. “It was nice to meet you, maybe I’ll see you around again.”

“I look forward to it,” James said with a cheeky grin and with that he turned and ran off to start his lesson.

Gaia couldn’t help but hang back to watch. They were practising the mambo and he was good, really good. Gaia all of a sudden felt more excited than she had in months.

The End

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