Damsel In Distress

Chapter Two: Damsel In Distress


Before crouching, however, I thought it would be a good idea to eat a doughnut. My decision to eat one was probably influenced by a place filled with them, tempting the would-be passengers to stop by.


I was hoping there would be no queue. Yeah, right. Think the middle of a maelstrom. I put my handbag into my backpack and just stood there, waiting for my turn to get a doughnut. Then I noticed some cheeky people trying to get in front of me. Frustrated, I made that ‘limp wrist’ gesture and said:


‘’The queue ends there’’ I made that ‘limp wrist’ gesture. ‘’Pfff!’’


 They just bolted out of the store. Wow.


I finally got my doughnut and moved on.


I did not want people staring at my breasts, which – unfortunately – were a little visible from the top. Talk about getting your hair down – it really helped as my breasts were less exposed.


After some wandering around, I found a good place to crouch. I placed my backpack in front of my knees, then instinctively fixed my dress to ensure it covered my backside properly, put my legs and black heels together, lowered my knees and folded my arms. I began staring at the floor, with my loose blonde hair blocking the side view. I was eyeing the backpack and thought about what to do next.


‘’Hello, miss’’ I heard a voice coming from the side. A little shocked, I turned my head to the left. I saw a young white boy, around ten years old.

‘’Hello. You scared me!’’ I told him.

‘’Sorry, miss’’ the boy continued. ‘’Didn’t mean to.’’

‘’Are you a young cowboy?’’ I asked the boy.

‘’Yes, miss’’ he replied. ‘’I am.’’

‘’The reason I’m asking is because of that cowboy hat’’ I continued. ‘’You also have quite strong Texan accent, I think?’’

The boy laughed. ‘’To your ears, maybe. You’re right about the rest, though.’’

‘’Nice’’ I smile. ‘’I’m from Australia.’’

‘’You’ve a sweet accent’’ the boy smiled. ‘’But miss, I’m here to help you.’’

‘’Help…me?’’ not knowing why, I started feeling a little like a sitting duck. ‘’What do you mean, exactly?’’

‘’Well’’ the young cowboy grinned. ‘’You seemed to be a damsel in distress. Let me help you.’’

I froze. I expected a lot, but...well, I just did not know what to say.

‘’Miss, there’s a place where you can sit’’ he went on. ‘’Just come with me and I’ll show you.’’

‘’Oh’’ I uttered a muffled sound. ‘’Alright…I guess?’’

As I was preparing to take my backpack with me, the boy grabbed my hand and said:

‘’Let me take that for you, miss.’’

The display of taking the initiative overwhelmed me. I just nodded and stopped reaching for the backpack. For some weird reason, I was no longer shocked – but impressed.

‘’Whoa’’ the boy scanned me.

For a moment there I thought he was going to say something he might regret. Fortunately, I was wrong.

‘’You’re so tall, miss!’’

‘’Six feet’’ I grinned. ‘’Could be worse.’’

The boy smiled back. ‘’Follow me, miss.’’

I did just that…the boy’s aura of confidence was so strong I did not think for a second he might suddenly disappear along with my backpack.

‘’I always liked the sound of heels’’ the boy looked at me. ‘’Is it difficult to walk in them, miss?’’

‘’Practices makes perfect’’ I smiled. ‘’Oh, and balancing is important. And tiptoeing…’’

The boy snickered.

‘’What’s so funny?’’ I asked.

‘’It’s just’’ he replied and I could tell more was coming. ‘’I mean, looking and actually having to wear all that girlish stuff…it’s like two different worlds, miss. I mean, I can’t imagine wearing all that…heely-dolly stuff.’’

I burst into laughter. ‘’Heely-dolly…?!’’

‘’Yep’’ he said.

‘’When’d you come up with that?’’

‘’Just now’’ he grinned. ‘’Just don’t feel offended, miss.’’

‘’Nah’’ I waved my right hand. ‘’As much as I hate to admit it – you’re right about…heely-dolly stuff.’’

‘’Ha! Good to know! We’re almost there, miss.’’

I did decide to follow the boy but I was rather sceptical the entire time.

‘’Miss’’ the boy broke the silence. ‘’This is it.’’

I just could not believe it. Two empty airport chairs with nobody around – all in the middle of this pandemonium?!

‘’I know what you’re going to say’’ the boy looked at me and smiled. ‘’How come they’re empty and how come I found you? Well, I was just walking around and, well, there you were.’’

To be honest, I did not know what to say. Life writes convoluted scenarios – and this is one of them.

I paused for a second and said, ‘’Thank you very much’’ after which I briefly lowered my knees as gesture of respect.

‘’You’re welcome’’ the young cowboy smiled. ‘’I always help the weak.’’

‘’Weak?’’ I repeated.

‘’Yes, miss’’ the boy affirmed. ‘’You’re a member of the weaker sex.’’

‘’I guess you’re right’’ I could not believe I actually said it, but my actions spoke for themselves.

‘’I’ll go now’’ he told me. ‘’My older brother’s waiting for me. Goodbye.’’

‘’Goodbye’’ I looked at the boy first, and then at my nails.

Ten seconds later, the young Texan was nowhere to be seen.  


The End

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