Just Crouch, Girl. There's Nothing We Can Do.

Trapped in a maelstrom...

 ''Just Crouch, Girl. There's Nothing We Can Do.''

Everything was going well until the cloud came.

     ''Nothing serious'' I thought at first. ''It'll just fade away''.

Yeah, right. I soon began to realise the whole ‘’lockdown’’ was not going to end quickly. The storm did not seem to abate and people just kept pouring in.

I normally do not prance around in black heels and little dresses but that time was different, let's call it an ''extemporaneous formal occasion''. Yep, what’s a 19-year-old blonde Australian girl to do when forces of nature prevent her smooth globetrotting.

After a while, my priorities shifted from my luggage and eyeing the flights to finding a place where I could sit down.

I could not find anything but I also did not know Heathrow all that well, so I asked a member of staff to help me.

 His response startled me:

''Just crouch, girl. There's nothing we can do''.

Crouch? Girl? What kind of language is this? Fortunately for the man in question, I was too tired to argue. Besides, it dawned on me the man would not get the complexity of heel-walking anyway.  


The End

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